Training treats when feeding raw

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I just switched my dog to a raw diet (using Darwin's). I switched just for general health reasons - she was doing fine on Organix kibble (though never seemed really excited about eating). I do a lot of obedience and trick training with her and wondered how you all feel about training treats. Do they need to be raw also? Or can I use cooked products like 'Natural Balance' rolls which I cut up into little pieces. I think there are raw/dehydrated training treats too (Vita Essentials, Stella and Chewy). Thoughts?

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Treats can be whatever works for you. They're called treats for a reason, and as long as they don't make up a large portion of the diet, you shouldn't see any problems smile.

My dogs need very high value treats for training, and I usually end up using cut up hot dogs. They're not the healthiest thing to use, but they're cheap and easy and they do the job.

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I've made my own beef jerky (in the oven) with no additives. I then cut the jerky up into small pieces for treats. You can find many directions for making jerky in the oven on-line.


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Stick to the meat fed while transitioning to raw. If you are on plain bony chicken then use that for treats too. If you are on chicken and pork then some pork is fine and after all the usual meats and organs are fine you can even use the day's ration of liver for treating.

I must count treats as part of the diet. Adding treats on to the basic diet makes for lots of soft poop here. So I will cut off part of the meat and cook it gently for treats. I give him any broth from cooking as part of his meal too.

I find that lean pork cut into strips or chicken breast make really nice treats as they aren't greasy and you can pinch off small bits. Cooked hamburger is horrible, maybe if you buy really lean stuff it could work though. Experimented with egg omelet but it was hard to get it dried out enough usually. I think it got it right a couple times though. Long and slow I suspect.

Max wasn't getting lots of tiny treats at agility class. He was getting a jackpot tug reward and I could pack it with raw stuff if I liked. Raw hamburger was fine, actually one of the easiest to handle that way.

Found out Max is sensitive to grains plus he won't eat most of them anyway so many commercial treats were out. He refuses hot dogs outright, never would eat them, they are out. String cheese is a good treat. I dislike hard treats when you are shoveling them in fast so jerky doesn't work well for me even if he will take it. Deli meat is excellent if your dog tolerates the high sodium content. You can give really tiny shreds and it isn't greasy.

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Stella and chewys makes great freeze dried raw treats or u can use their freeze dried raw patties as treats if u break them into pieces. Sandy likes the salmon treats the best, and the rabbit freeze dried patties the best.

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It is really all about personal preference. I use single ingredient treats, like freeze dried liver, dehydrated organs/fish and homemade treats, anything from dehydrated sardines/other small fish, chicken, turkey or duck hearts, chicken feet and chicken/duck gizzards. I mainly use small things but if we are having freshly caught fish for dinner, we let the dog and the cat eat the scraps (head, bones, organs, raw of course) and we always save the skin because it makes great dehydrated treats/chews. You can also break up pig ears into tiny pieces.
Here are some great suppliers for treats:
Stella and Chewy's Carnivore Crunch Treats
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
Good Luck!