Raw and Hip Dysplasia

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Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 12:00am PST 
On Monday Rexy was diagnosed with advanced HD and arthritis. I'm pretty disappointed, she is only 5.

In addition to keeping a close eye on her weight, and feeding items like chicken feet on a regular basis, is there anything else that I should be doing?

Does anyone have any joint supplements that they particularly like?

I am slowly upping the amount of glucosamine hydrochloride she gets from 1000mg to 3000mg (on the vet's advice) as well as looking into a joint supplement that includes not just glucosamine, but also MSM and ideally green lipped mussel.

I've been looking into a lot of the pet specific supplements, and frankly, most are out of my budget. I can't afford to be spending $100/month just on supplements.
But while doing some research I've noticed that a number of the joint supplements are available in an equine formula. Has anyone used these formulas for their dogs? It would be a much more cost effective way to get these supplements into Rexy (and at a much smaller volume, which is a bonus). I'll be running this idea by my vet as well, as I'm not sure about some of the mineral amount and whether they would be appropriate for dogs. Like this one: Purica Recovery EQ

Another option is for me to purchase bulk (1kg jars) of glucosamine, MSM, and green lipped mussel powder on it's own and do it that way.

We're on the first full day of a 5 day pain meds trial (Rimadyl), just to see if there is a significant change in behaviour/movement/attitude. So far she is already moving in a much more relaxed (and precise) manner so it appears that there is a significant amount of pain that she just managed to hide pretty well (and gradual changes that we hadn't picked up on).

If she is going to be on pain meds on an even semi-regular basis, should I be looking into giving her milk thistle? (blood work was done on Monday and all is normal)

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How You Doin'?
Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 12:21am PST 
Chance's rehab vet and her chiropractic vet both are happy with what I have her on.
She was diagnosed with moderate bilateral hip dysplasia and mild arthritis in left hip just before her 1st birthday (2008) and arthritis in right shoulder last year.

She gets professional massages every other week to supplement what I do, swims every other week at a warm water pool, sees a chiropractor as needed and goes into the rehab vet for periodic maintenance visits that are more intensive than what the chiropractor does.

Everything Chance gets is a human supplement. I shop sales to get good deals.

* Joint Supplement = 1,000 mg. glucosamine/800 mg. chondroitin (She's been getting Cosamin DS for a couple of years now)

* 1,800 mg. MSM

* Minimum of 300 mg. combined Omega 3 fatty acids per 10 lbs. body weight

* 500 mg. Vitamin C

* Zeel tablets - 1 or 2 per day

* Traumeel tablets - 1 or 2 per day as needed

Here's a good article on caring for an arthritic dog. http://dogaware.com/health/arthritis.html

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Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 3:33am PST 
The earlier the condition is discovered and treated the higher the possibilities of dogs finding relief. Early treatment might forestall the onset of inflammatory disease moreover as facilitate to greatly scale back pain and lack of quality. However, left untreated, a dog might lose its ability to run.


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Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 8:34am PST 
Do you have any access to raw trachea? Also very good for the joints.

I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 1:42pm PST 
Thanks Chance, I was hoping you would pop in!

I will look into the supplements you've listed. That link was really useful, thank you. smile

So far the arthritis is only in her hips, particularly the left one (the joint is bone-on-bone). The good thing is that her spine is still free of arthritis.

We're considering trying laser acupuncture, it's pricey though, and it sounds like we'd have to commit to a session per week for at least three weeks and then take it from there. Rexy is pretty fearful of strangers and does not want to be handled by them (which means absolutely no chiropractic work or massage), so we'll also have to decide whether the stress of the acupuncture treatment is worth the benefit.

Kolbe, I don't have regular access to trachea, but could work on that. I do have a decent stockpile of chicken feet in the freezer.

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Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 2:02pm PST 
Only suggestion I have to add is coconut oil. It's supposed to be a good anti-inflammatory for hips and joints.

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Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 3:19pm PST 
I use elk velvet antler supplement for Saya's joints
This brand I use, but there is other brands out there.

I also use green lipped mussel supplement I alternate one day she gets elk antler tablet next she gets green lipped mussel supplement.

She also gets fish oil every other day and coconut every other day.

Someone on here said coconut oil is good for joints I'm not sure. Saya enjoys the coconut oil when she gets it though.

I give chicken feet too..

Saya has a spinal issue not HD, but still I supplement joint stuff to help prevent stuff.

Not sure if GLM and elk stuff work, but Saya does well and has energy to spare. Coarse she hasn't shown much decline yet. before on kibble she couldn't jump on my bed or couch easily and raw really helped it..

Sorry this happened hope the supplements and stuff helps it not be so bad.

Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 3:56pm PST 
I buy MSM and Glucosamine in big 5lb jars for horses and give 1/2 a teaspoon a day. They're $30 - $40 for a jar and there is over 1000 teaspoons per jar, Nare has been taking this since he was a pup (he turned 3 today) and theres still over 1/2 of the jars left.

I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 10:01am PST 
Thanks! I'm going to look into coconut oil and elk antler velvet. Has anyone here used milk thistle?

Nare, that's what I'm looking at doing. It just doesn't make sense financially to pay $90/month on joint supplements when I can get almost a year's worth for $150 if I buy 1kg bottles...

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 10:31am PST 
What I would recommend:

- 1 tablespoon organic virgin coconut oil daily
- Up whatever her intake of fish oil is, and up her Vit. E to compensate
- Slowly introduce a (pure) Hyaluronic Acid supplement into her daily routine. A little bit goes a long way, so even though its pricey you wont need much.
- Work up to 1000-2000 mgs of Ester C daily

PERSONALLY, I've moved away from driving those G/C/MSM numbers higher and higher. When all is said and done, I've seen just as good results drastically dropping those numbers and upping the things above. Granted mine is mostly maintenance, but with Mulder now turning middle aged at 5, and Ridley's hips preliming not-so-great, I've had no problems whatsoever with the above regiment with either dog.
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