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Hey all, new to dogster and new (couple weeks) to exclusive raw. Loving the answers i'm finding on here, loving the raw though it is a lot of work! However having a major bug problem! Currently living in NC and I have never seen flies or ticks this bad. I've pulled 3 ticks off my Doberman this past week, and worse? she has a million bug bites you can see all over. I am a believer in not using topical or oral pest controls; I used to work in pest control and what people put on their pets is 50 times stronger than we used as treatment for fleas.
Anyhow, need to get the bugs under control holisticly. Done the research, oils of this and that, the lemon juice I will try, though that worries me for flies and ants? But curious about personal experiences with what has been successful for you. Bought a natural spray from the local holistic store the other day but they both got sick for a couple days as well, so I need to make sure those two things didn't coincide. (Just used it again today so we'll see.)
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I don't have a tick problem here but we do have horse flies and mosquitoes. I've been using an essential oil from DoTerra called Terra Shield. You can add 20-30 drops to water in a 4oz mister and spritz your pup with it as needed. I do 2 applications if we are out all day, one before we go and one mid-day.
This also works great for the human friends.

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I make my own flea shampoo for Hank using Dawn soap, vinegar and water. Keeps the bugs away pretty well. I just use it every time he gets a bath.


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Thanks Crash i'll be getting the terra as soon as I can. We have the flies, I've never in my life seen flies swarm a dog like they do here. And the extra confusing thing for the ticks is my pups are already getting fed garlic, apple cider vinegar and brewer's yeast! Like holy crap bugs go away. That besides the smell is why I've stayed away from doing the vinegar baths I just didn't want to overdo it. Sasha is still getting over her dermatitis from kibble and whatnot so she apparently has sensitive skin. I know it's supposed to help her coat as a dietary supplement but maybe too much of a good thing?

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Hi, I need some help against fleas. I've been on raw food for 6 months, and doing well with it. But this spring, I got a bunch of fleas, and my people don't want to use chemicals to get rid of them. We've already tried garlic (cloves and powder) in my food, and topical treatments of garlic powder and tea tree oil. We're going to try apple cider vinegar next, topically. My people say that their previous dogs (who ate kibble) were free of fleas with just some oral garlic pills. Why won't that work for me? Do you know of any other natural remedies we can try?

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wow, good luck
I do not know of any good stuff for ticks and flies,
but I did successfully repel fleas with lavendar and lemon spray (I found a recipe online)
It doesn't kills the fleas, but it did repel them. I sprayed my dog when we went out to my bf parents house where fleas are everywhere, and, for the first time, no fleas jumped onto her.

You could buy fly traps

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I am all for natural, non-chemical treatments, but I will use a topical flea/tick treatment in a heartbeat if my dogs have an infestation. I struggled for a month 2 years ago trying to use essential oils and holistic flea treatments on my dogs' infestation and nothing worked-- but a single dose of Frontline killed them all.

Now, we use Sentinel to kill flea cycles and as a heartworm preventative, but I also spray my dogs each time they go for a walk with a combination of Neem Oil and Citronella to repel bugs. Ark Naturals sells a few different natural products for this.

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I do feed raw diet but I'm not opposed to topical flea/tick treatments. I use K-9 Advantix on my dog. It does not go into the bloodstream and the best part is it also repels fleas, ticks and mosquitos!! I love it. May use it on myself. wink

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See I am firmly against any topical bug control. Like I said coming from working pest control for some time, I know how intense what that dosage for pets is. The couple times I did use it I used something that said a much smaller dog. But that was my belief even before going raw or any sort of holistic treatments. I was lucky living near the ocean as well so my dogs got weekly saltwater "dips" which effectively kills fleas as well. But i can understand that it works for a bad infestation. Anyway the natural oils spray (and shampoo) is working well happy dance the only place the last two ticks were at were their eyes, so I've taken care to wipe my hand with some over their head now.