questions about feeding rabbits?

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Barked: Thu Jun 6, '13 8:52am PST 
I have been feeding my two boys raw for 15 days now. They get beef, pork, chicken, turkey and beef liver. I am starting to breed rabbits for them. When I feed them the rabbit should I just give it to them whole? cull the rabbit and throw it to them? and if any kit dies from natural causes ( too cold, mother rejects, too small) can I feed it to the dogs as a snack? thanks !

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Barked: Thu Jun 6, '13 11:22am PST 
As long as the culls were healthy feed them.

Max gets whole rabbits and chooses not to eat most of the skin and guts but loves any blood that collects in the bin. I have to open them up for him to get him started. A big rabbit is a couple weeks of food for him so I open it up, he eats his fill, I cut the remains in half and refreeze it. Between your guys you won't have to do that. He usually takes a few days to eat the rest. The family knows if there is a paper bag on the bottom shelf it is better not to look see what is in there!

Max worked up to eating large stuff like whole animals though. If you don't want to butcher and cut to size then start feeding big/small by offering 120% of the usual one day and 80% the next. Once Max was eating 200% of his usual I trusted him not to go nuts over a whole animal.
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yeah, I dont know if they would even eat it whole or not. we will have to see smile won't be awhile until I have feeders anyway. But just checking.


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Saya has had small rabbits first time eating one she refused to eat it's stomach and intestines, but second one she ate whole thing.

She eats the fur no problem.. Coyotes eat fur too..

If you want you can gut it just take stomach and intestines out and keep heart, liver, lungs and stuff in it or if big rabbit cut it into meal size portions or something.

Saya ate the head no problem too.