inconsistent poop after raw

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my dog has been on raw for about a month already. its mainly chicken meat, neck, and wings. recently introduced liver once a week. she doesn't poop consistently - every 2-3 days. she's not straining to go either. her poop is mostly long and a little soft, and sometimes hard and crumbly. can i still introduce a new meat? what went wrong and what can i do to have her poop regularly?

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Maybe decrease the amount of liver to see if that helps or spread it out in a few days like Monday and Friday or something.

Probiotics might help.
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i would add yogurt or another probiotic and then if you want spread the liver out. Jake gets about 1 sliver of it a day when we feed straight up raw. At the moment he gets his liver from the fridge as i dehydrate it at home and use it as treats.

The poop seems normal to me. On raw Jake only pooped once ever 2-3 days. With kibble he takes a dump everday and they're huge smelly and gross. I miss the days when his poop was small and crumbly with no odor.


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Unless you feed the same thing and the same amount every meal you are going to have varying poop types. It is just fine. Max has very dark gooey poop when he gets lots of organ and it is paler if he has had lots of chicken or pork. Harder if he has had bone, softer if meat only. I would expect to see mucous if he got lots of fat too.

Don't feed a new to raw dog liver once a week. Start with a very small amount daily, work up to that 5% liver daily and then work towards feeding less often. Max has been on raw for nearly 5.5 years and gets organ every other day still. There is no particular virtue in feeding it once a week.

If poop is crumbly then you can feed less bone. Before you do that get your dog on more variety, especially red meats.

Start with bony chicken - done.
Substitute red meat for some of the chicken meat - this is where you are now. A bony chicken and liver diet is not satisfactory. You must feed less bone and red meat. Chicken is very low in a number of essential nutrients.

After all the usual proteins have been fed start liver.

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thanks all! i'll stop the liver for now and add some pork.