Shopping Alert for southern California - Cheap pork at Albertson's!

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Barked: Sun Apr 28, '13 12:12pm PST 
I was amazed to see $1 a pound whole pork butt roasts there. Bone in, Farmer John brand with 85mg sodium per serving.

Butt has the shoulder blade which is a softer bone, the top part of the leg bone and is also is fattier than the picnic. I will be taking some of the easy meat off to serve other times and cutting at the joint so there will be 2 big bony meals for Max from one roast. I was completely out of pork, got one and am going to get more today for the freezer.

Also KVMart has beef for $2.39 a pound this week. Not a great price but probably as good as it gets these days. No nutritional labeling there so unknown sodium. Really nice shopping there, goat chunks [mostly bone], chicken feet and other giblets, liver and kidney, tongue, heart and other interesting bits.... If you are in so Cal there is one within a reasonable drive.

And I would love to get up to Super King for this one, lamb shoulder for $2.39 a pound. Maybe a $3 movie in Simi Valley and over to SK today? Very tempting!