I went a little overboard at Super King Today- Cow Feet, Beef Tendon... and other stuff

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Jake & Sweet- Caroline

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Barked: Wed Apr 3, '13 8:42pm PST 
So I went a little crazy and superking today. But they had bone in chicken breast for .99 a lb so that was all i was supposed to get and maybe some ground beef. Well $47 later I had a whole bunch of stuff! Including beef feet and tendon. I decided to buy these items in small amounts before i order them from a co op.

Currently beef feet seems to be a hit. Though I think supervisio is required. for this. Since there are bones and stuff. I think i saw some tendon in there and the bone is there too.

How do you feed beef tendon? Is it really hard for dogs to chew? It's long enough that i know jake won't be able to swollow it whole or anything but i'm a little concerned aout it looks tough. Any suggestions?

Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 8:32am PST 
lol! I can't see meat that is low price,oh my,i get crazy.

Go for it,my practice is,if my knife and scissors can cut it easily,then,they can chew it,but if its really hard to the point i have to hammer the knife,better not to try. i don't feed any of them with beef bones as they are VERY hard.
Jake & Sweet- Caroline

Tricolored- Hounds for life!
Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 9:14am PST 
Thanks Terry big grin

The dogs loved their beef feet. They laid on their canvas blanket and chewed them for a good 30-45 minutes. I got parts that were big enough that they coudl nto be sallowed and both of them chewed till they pretty much got all the meat/tendon/ marrow all off. There was tendon and bone and marrow and skin on it. It was a pretty good "healthy" chew toy for them. Though I wouldn't let a power chewer do it all alone. Caroline is a bit of a power chewer she finished long before jake but once it was all bone she lost interest in it. I also recommend a good "Drop it" and "Leave it" since jake didn't really want to give his to me until i told him to drop it and leave it. He is really food motivated and hates giving up raw meat.

I only tried the beef foot raw since i use to buy a "Twin hoof" from Petco for like $7. It's a smoked beef foot basically. That would last jake forever (3 weeks) and he loved them. So i got six pieces of beef foot that are about the right size for 3 a piece for them for $3.50. So i'm happy big grin

I haven't tried the tendon. I'm debating just dehydratng it over the weekend in my garage and giving to them as a chew. Sicne they're already cut into strips for me.


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Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 9:30am PST 
Max would give me such a look if I bought beef feet. He doesn't consider pig feet to be suitable dog food and doubtless feels the same about beef feet. Suspect they are outside food if the hooves smell as bad as the ones from the pet store.

Tendons are super tough and easily swallowed. Max has only had raw ones attached to bone, I dried separated ones. I would be wary of feeding raw ones to a gulper. You might try the mean trick of clamping something to the middle so it is harder to eat but I would dry them. Treat them like sort of bones as they are mostly collagen with a lot of calcium, much like bone.

Great deal on the chicken breast. That market is wonderful, isn't it?
Jake & Sweet- Caroline

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Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 9:45am PST 
Then i will dehydrate the tendons big grin

Yes it was an amazing deal. I got 3 packs of chicken breasts and then 5lbs of ground beef, soem liver, heart, the beef feet (which oddenly enough have no smell). I can't try pork because jake is allergic. I almost bought lamb feet instead. I bought chicken feet and almost got sweetbreads but the idea of jake eating brain kinda grossed me out. Then i got the tendon and a whole mess of tuna. I think i spent on meat alone like $35 dollars and it is enough for about a week and a half for both of them. I was surprised!!! if i can keep catching good deals on chicken and then ground beef like that then I can feed for half of what the dog food used to cost me.

I'm still going to get a skull one day!! One day!! I swear it big grin

I love that market. Super King literally makes finding a "variety" of items super easy for me the Human to meat and for the pups. Though i get a lot of looks when my skinny self walks in there every week and buys like $30 of meat big grin every week. They seem like ... ... where do you put it?!

I finally told someone yesterday when i was picking up the beef feet that this was for dog food. I get a lot of curious looks. since i don't really eat meat. I like cereal and then frozen foods myself. * the joy of being 22 and single in college*

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Well I am a vegan and I have freeze dried raw meat in my purse if that makes u feel any better lol.