First few days...mostly successful....

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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 7:30pm PST 
So Dax and Dreyfus have been on the diet for about 4 days. Other than the stress of Dax figuring out that he has to chew it before swallowing. Not so much an issue with the bone in piece, he figured that out right away that he needed to chew that up, but the chicken breast was a little more challenging. He kept swallowing it, or attempting to, throwing it back up and trying again. Finally, he figured it out, but it was a bit worrisome to watch.

The main issue with Daxter before was diarrhea poop all the time, since we first got him at 3 months. Many, many, many times a day and at least once during the middle of the night. We gave them both a leg quarter to start off with, because I was really hoping the bone content would firm up the poop. It definitely did. At the end of the second day the poop amount and firmness was drastically different; much more normal and consistent with Dreyfus' regular poop.

However, where we went wrong was giving them another leg quarter the next 2 days. Definitely too much bone and now Dreyfus is constipated and Dax hasn't gone in over 48 hours. So we have stopped feeding the bone, only boneless and gave them both a little bit of THK and a bit of psyllium husk to add some fiber. Hopefully, they will both loosen up and tomorrow we can get back to raw alone. This time, less bone! Really need to follow the ratio

Lesson learned.

Any other advice for the constipation?
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Add a little more organ to his diet for a day or two. Bone = firms stool, organ = loosens stool smile

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And more fat loosens stool too.

Also the amount of waste is so much smaller that sometimes the gut doesn't realize that puny amount needs to move along. Unless the poop is actually very hard and difficult to evacuate it is possible there isn't a problem. Even Max who has been raw fed for 5 years will look unhappy sometimes pooping the usual tiny amounts and he definitely looked very happy yesterday when he had 2 ginormous poops in one day after eating his fill of a whole prey baby goat for a couple days in a row.