Feeding foods "on time"?

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Yes,me again XD. Sorry,but i am so eager to learn party.

This,i have the three manuals from k9joy,and there is a topic that got me curious. Since not a single day in my household is the same as the last one,things change,we have chickens,a cat,people that come here to deliver mail,bring water,people constructing around the neighborhood,we go out to the market,or on the morning to buy things,visit my grandmother. the thing is,i am not always able to feed them "on time" and i had never been,except for the puppy,he eats in the morning at any time,afternoon and evening or night. I get sure he eats three meals. my other dog gets one meal a day,some times two. I read that feeding them always at a specific hour can be bad for them,cause if you miss that meal,they can even start to throw up vile as the system already started the process of digesting,minutes before the hour at which you feed.

The point of feeding at random times,means that the dog,only starts the process of digesting food when you hand it to it and it reaches the stomach.

Another point,is that if you provide three meals a day,or one,you should,in one of them,fill your dog,so it experiences satiety,and the other should be light meals. As dogs apparently are always starving or hungry(on kibble i think?) that is one of the reasons they beg,cause they are still hungry. same with fasting,it says that it should't be the same day every week,if not,every second day if you feed a full meal the day before,and for a puppy,to skip one meal randomly.

What do you guys think about this? i had been feeding my dogs sporadically since...forever XD,even on kibble,just because i randomly forgot to feed them and was too busy(don't worry i don't starve them,i just feed them every day at random times).

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Chance gets 2 meals a day (once a day does not work for her) at no set time but during a time range. Breakfast may be at 7:30, usually before 9, sometimes as late as 11:30 - depends on what she's doing.
Dinner is anywhere from 4:30 - 6:30, sometimes closer to 8 - once again it depends on what she has done during the day, when she has eaten breakfast, etc.

Dinner may be close to the same amount as breakfast, it may be smaller, it may be bigger, it may be more of a snack. Depends on what she's eating, when she eats and what is going on that day.
We know her body's quirks with different proteins and adjust accordingly.

Feeding on a set schedule can lead to bile vomit if the meal is later than expected.
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Nothing is ever consistent in the house for my dogs - between trialling, classes, and my life time is a variable lol! Feed once a day with a possibility of a snack on trial days and my dogs do fine by it.

Maggie is a begger, she has been fed in all the fast/gorge methods and the girl is never full...I will never let her eat until "full" as she won't stop (30# dogs should not eat 6#s of food). Mags just loves food - she doesn't beg after a big meal, but that is because she is usually too bloated to bother, but she will still take foo if offered, but by the next morning she is back under my feet trying to steal my breakfast egg. On the other hand my boy Porter can't eat more than a pound as it seems to make him physically uncomfortable.

I know it works for some dogs, but that is the nice thing about raw, you can cater it to each dog.


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I though my Chihuahua was always hungry,she would always beg. then,starting some days ago,i feed her a lot,she stops when full,and i was amazed at the fact that while we where having lunch,she just plopped next to the fridge and lay there. not a single beg....NOTHING XD. i was even scared. There is something that bugs me,she does thins "dance"when excited about food,and i notice that as hunger from her,she does it at night when i am serving the puppy,but i had tried to feed her dinner before,but she didn't want it,maybe that changed or something,do you know of anything small i can give her at night? today i'm planning on giving egg to both of them,but i am afraid she won't eat it and then i would have wasted an egg(i don't think my fridge would be too happy if i stored it for tomorrow lol). he will be having two pieces of chicken breast he left this afternoon with the egg,or maybe i will give one piece to her with the egg..

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You will have to figure the meal size on your own. Note any bile vomits timing versus preceding meal and what it consisted of and adjust for that dog. I moved to feeding once a day because *I* thought it obnoxious to feed a meal that consisted of a single bite of something. When a dog only gets 10 ounces a day, splitting into two safe meals isn't easy. I do think one meal that is larger is nicer for the dog but it depends on your dogs.

For several years I was giving him cooked boneless stuff for agility class at 6pm then bony stuff when we got home when usually he ate between 2-3pm. And if we go for a late walk and get home anytime after 12pm he is positive it is dinner time so I usually oblige.

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Now that you mention it,is it ok to feed boneless cooked meat? like,chicken breast from the leftovers,salmon,etc.

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I definitely don't feed at set times, although his meal is usually at some point in the evening. I feed exclusively gorge/fast, so my dog doesn't eat everyday. He seems to prefer getting larger, less frequent meals- he doesn't act hungry in between meals anyway. One day a week is an especially large meal, followed by a longer than normal fast.

The thing about gorge/fast is you need to work the dog up to it. Feeding a meal much larger than the dog is accustomed to can lead to problems, even something as serious as bloat. Like Maggie, Tika, & Porter said, it works better for some dogs than others. I tend to hear small dogs need to eat more frequently than large dogs, so I'm not sure how well small breeds would do with true gorge/fasting. I wouldn't fast a young puppy at all.

Yes, you can feed boneless cooked meat. If you're giving leftovers, the main thing to be aware of is the seasoning on the meat. Excess sodium isn't good for dogs, but a small amount of leftovers now and then shouldn't be a big deal.

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I feed whenever I get up and decide to prepare meals. It varies every day, so do the size of the meals. Conker gets more or less the same thing, just a different meal sizes since I am not exact in dishing out his food. The Girls basically get something different in various amounts every day. The Girls usually have one main meal and a "snack" around dinner time, no particular reason other than it just works out that way. Conker sometimes gets a snack, if he'll eat it.

Yeah, it's fine to feed boneless cooked meats. I do it all the time. Leftovers are actually about 25% of the Girl's overall food.
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i only feed on time now becasuse sweetie will greet me with bile vomit and barking if i don't. Prior to getting her Jake ate when i felt like getting up and when i felt like eating dinner. Now a days they eat between 6:30am-8:15am and then again between 6:30-9pm.

Times aren't really set in stone. But i seem to only really have this issue when feeding dog food.

HOpefully we'll be back to raw again soon. At the moment it's 50% raw/50% dog food.

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Just realized that i had been misspelling "bile"XD.

well,in fact,none of my dogs had ever vomited bile,only my chi,when she was small,like,a yellowy transparent liquid,or clear*i think that was water. but i never have incidents with it,vomiting yes,if they had done any exercise after eating,which now i avoid even if they do want to play.

I used to feed a pack of chi's out of a full roasted chicken divided in two for each day,that,leftover cooked bones with meat and salami,later changed to kibble. and this year,my current dogs are eating raw. One of the Chi's from that pack lived to his 12 years,and got hit by a car D:,he would maybe even be alive still.