Pig's feet

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Anyone feed these? Are the bones pretty soft in the feet? Is it a lot of cartilage? Is it high in fat or is it not likely to upset sensitive tummies?


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I fed these when Saya was new to raw adjusted to chicken and getting used to pork..

They have skin, a lot of bone, tiny amount of meat and some tendons and stuff.

Saya did fine with the split pig feet and liked them. They're boney so I fed some boneless with it and next few days organ and boneless meals.

Most times she had half of the foot then other half next time so she didn't get too much bone.. It's been three years since I fed it can't find decent source for it. I'm hoping to get some from farmer whole not split.. we'll see what he says.

I think someone's dog cracked a tooth on a pig foot maybe I'm wrong forgot where I heard this.

Saya is a careful chewer so she hasn't had issue.

I do think it might upset a sensitive stomach i the dog isn't used to pork or pork skin..

Has your dog eaten pork before?

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Trotters = Toothbrush!! laugh out loud

My two quite enjoy a trotter on occasion. Indeed a lot of bony bits but also good tendons...does quite a job of cleaning teeth. I've not had problems with chipped teeth. I think these are all in all softer than some other bones.


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We give these as an occasional treat, not as a meal.
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My Aussie LOVES pig feet! I give them to him frozen and it keeps him entertained for almost an hour. For others, they may last even longer. I don't feed them very often, though.... just as an occasional treat. I am about to order some from Reel Raw, so we'll see how the quality is. http://reelrawdog.com/shop/raw-meaty-bones/pork-feet
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good to know, I just got one super cheap, Addie will be happy to try it smile

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My Nyota has been working on a pig foot for weeks. I know that sounds nasty, but it looks the same as it did when I gave it to her. She has gnawed off one end of it and keeps hiding it and pulling it out later. It is still cold outside so I am not so worried about it, but she probably won't be getting any once the weather warms up.

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If I cut through the skin Max could get more off faster. Otherwise he sort of squeezed the bones out the top and you couldn't tell he had done any chewing at all until I picked up the towel and bones fell out!

He gave me the word, no more pig feet. Too much trouble for him. I am bummed as I can get them very cheaply.

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I can only find pigs feet cut in half, and the bone makes me a little nervous. I’ve got a couple left in the freezer, and was debating buying more. Like Max, my old girl doesn’t want to bother with them, but the pup loves them- actually the longest lasting chew I’ve found for her.