Puppy doesn't want meals with bone

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Hello everybody!

I'm new here, and actually I went here to ask about this recent issue with my 4 month pitbull puppy. About a week and a half that I'm trying to introduce him into Prey Model Raw.

I'm was giving to him these chicken leg quarters. First week he liked it, not that much, but he was ok with those quarters. It's about two days ago that he doesnt want the bone on the meals. If I take the bone out and I give him pieces of the meat he eats it without hesitation.

The stool is firm. I was giving him just leg quarters and I'm thinking that maybe he feels that was too much bone for him and now he doesnt want it anymore.

I know that he needs the bone and i thought that maybe i could chop it into small pieces but then I realized that this can cause blockage so, is not an option.

What do you think guys?

Thank you beforehand!!

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Sorry for my english, Its not may primary language!
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you could try serving the meat with bone in frozen. That's how i first introduced jake to bones at 2 years old. I served it in a frozen mass that he had to chew through.

If he won't eat it then don't fed him anything else. Don't give him options. Give him the bone in meat and if he won't eat it pick it up and try again later. eventually he'll eat it.

Jake gets a little miffed if i feed just chicken too much. He'll fight me and decide not to eat. Eventually the hunger strike will end as he will get hungry and eat his chicken.

good luck.


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I went through this as well. Yes, there's a big possibility it is just too much bone. In PMR, bone only needs to be 10% of the food. Leg quarters has 30% bone, so you're giving him 3x more than he needs.

This is okay for the first week to balance the loose stools that usually happen during transition. But, since your dog is already having firm stools, you'll need to bring the bone content down.

To do this, since leg quarters have 30% meat to bone ratio, you can then feed his next 2 days of meals without bone. Then feed him a leg quarter again on the 4th day.

This might also be a good time to introduce a different meat source. You can get boneless pork/beef to add to the chicken quarters for the 2nd and 3rd day and then back to leg quarters again the 4th day.

This gets you to that 10% mark and would more than likely get your dog to eat the bone again.

Interesting thing I noticed about PMR, the dog can actually help in letting me know what he needs/doesn't need. Like when my dogs got hold of 10lbs of green tripe that I forgot to stow in the freezer, they gorged on tripe 3x their normal serving for the day... and they fasted for 2 days after that - they didn't act interested when I shook their bowls (the usual signal that it's meal time), so I didn't feed them.

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Just a thought, but at his age he may be experiencing some discomfort from teething. I know when my elderly dog lost a tooth she turned down bone-in meals for a week.
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I agree with Gizmo. Tia had issues with bone for a little while. Their jaw muscles may not be strong enough to get through the thick leg bones. Also, they still have their puppy teeth. In the wild (yes I know, they are not wolves, they are domestic, but the theory is still the same) the adult dogs would still be regurgitating some of the food for the puppies. You might want to start with smaller bones & give boneless meat with it. Chicken wings are good, chicken feet too. The jaw muscles will get stronger & soon your pup will be able to get through bones will no problem.

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An even easier chew is to give chicken breasts with the bone. You could even pop out the keel bone so it is all very small thin bone.

Max was 8 years old when he started raw. He would happily eat drumsticks and thigh bones but his poop was better when he ate chicken backs and necks with those small thin bones. It can take a while before the whole dog figures this diet out!

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Guys, thanks to everyone. I think that my pup doesn't want bones cuz the teething. Some of his teeth had already fall so i'm guessing that's the problem. I'll have patience and be comprehensive with my pup.