Who's got your Goat?

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What does the raw community consider Goat?

I was curious if goat meat? How is goat meat ranked in raw feeding? is it closer to pork or beef? Or should I not feed goat meat raw?

*I ask because someone I know is having a party very soon and well... They're gonna be down a goat and they said i coudl have some of the parts for Jake.

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A goat is a mammal so it's red meat. I'm sure the specific nutrient makeup can be looked up on nutritiondata.com. It's a perfectly fine meat to feed, I used to have cheap access to goat. Depending on where it is coming from it can have sort of a "farm-y" smell to it, a little different than your grocery red meat. It's not as lean as venison but I think it's leaner than beef (it's been a while). My dogs used to like goat tongue but it's been forever since I've gotten any.

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Goat is closely related to sheep, just look at the head and eyes. I would rank goat above lamb as it is leaner and might feed it in preference to beef as it has better omega 3 and is leaner. I think it is billy goats that have the very best stink.


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Saya likes goat I have goat pieces some is boneless and some have bone.

Some of bone is edible and some Saya can't eat.

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I feed a lot of goat. Good stuff:

http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/lamb-veal-and-game-pro ducts/4637/2