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Barked: Sat Mar 2, '13 2:46pm PST 
I started giving Barbaro acidophilus but I don't know if I should give it once a day or twice. What do you guys do?

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Barked: Sat Mar 2, '13 3:47pm PST 
Depends on the number of live organisms per pill. I would check the label for dosage. Duke's holistic vet recommends 20 million to 500 million live organisms per dose/per day.

Also check the strain(s). Not all probiotic supplements are the same. See this summary from a very reliable source:


Barked: Sat Mar 2, '13 4:59pm PST 
I don't really follow instructions with this, I give what works. If the dog is still having digestive issues, I bump up the dose. If stuff is looking good, I drop it down and see what happens.