Can raw chicken be allergenic?

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We have 2 labs who're struggling with ear and skin discomfort. We've been feeding chicken backs 5 days a week and a Bravo-Nupro mix the other 2 to our labs for a while. Our friend switched their lab from chicken to turkey necks with great success. Their lab lost 12 pounds (which she could stand to do) and her skin issues cleared up. Does anyone have an opinion one way or the other about this?

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Any animal can be allergic to anything. Chicken can be a problem for dogs, even raw chicken.

Have you checked the chicken for its sodium content? If the sodium is more than 100mg per 3-4 ounces it is enhanced with a salty substance that can cause issues.

Might consider going without the Nupro first. It has beef liver, yeast and flax seed in it. If no change then try a simple ground mix with one protein and no veggies/fruits. By that time you may be done with the box of chicken backs and will feel like trying those necks!

[Max says just get the necks, they are even tastier than chicken backs.]

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What Maxwell said.

Duke is highly allergic to chicken and did not do well on Nupro (goopy ears, itchy paws/skin).

I would also suggest eliminating the Nupro first for at least a couple weeks. It takes time for the allergen to get out of the dog's system (if, indeed, an allergen is present). If the symptoms don't ease up, eliminate chicken for at least 2-3 weeks. Make sure ALL chicken is eliminated (even from the Bravo and any treats). If symptoms clear, it's the chicken. If not...back to square one.


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Forgot about the actual diet! Chicken backs are delicious, Max loves them. They are also calcium bombs, one small one is enough calcium for Max for several days. Too much calcium will bind other minerals in the body preventing absorption and cause problems like bad skin.

I don't know what kind of Bravo you are feeding but unless it is bone free and you are offering 10x the amount of the chicken backs this diet is extremely bone heavy.

If you just started raw and poop is unpredictable that is one thing but as soon as poop firms up start moving to new proteins and after a number of proteins are fine then move to feeding less bone. See Chance's primer on feeding raw for more information.
http://www.chanceslittlewebsite.com/uploads/7/6/9/2/76 92088/beginners_guide_to_prey_model_raw_rv.6.pdf

My goal is not particularly firm stool that doesn't turn white when dry. It can get gooey when boneless is fed and firmer when bony stuff is fed. I try to feed Max a bony bit every couple days along with his organs. If he gets daily bone it is a very small thing such as a single chicken wing, neck, foot or drumstick along with a little organ and boneless red meat to fill out the rest of the meal. Your larger dogs would need more than that but something like a chicken quarter alternating with boneless red meats such as beef, pork and lamb is more appropriate than chicken backs with a couple meals of whatever Bravo mix you are feeding.

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Sandy has had alot of food allergy issues he is allergic to all poultry and eggs and also grain. Sandy eats venison and rabbit now with no issues. My vet said chicken and grain r the most common food allergies. He also says if u suspect a chicken allergy u should not feed any poultry so basically anything with feathers and also eggs.