training treats?

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What is good to use for training treats? I see dehydrated liver marketed as great for training, but I thought too much liver was bad (?).Trainer suggested hot dogs, but was hoping for something a little healthier. Any ideas?

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I like dehydrated lung, easier on the stomach and yummy. You could get one of the super high end all meat dried foods like Ziwi Peak and break into small bits for training, actually cheaper than the dehydrated lung. I mostly used part of Max's dinner boneless meat raw or cooked. Chicken breast and pork loin is nearly fat free and chicken breast will even shred like string cheese which is another good tasty and not bad for him training treat. Since Max's training consists of review with a really big reward at the end I can pack raw into a tug and treat so he gets tugs for smaller rewards and jackpot diving into the meat inside when done.
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i used spam from the can to get to really preform in teh beginning. Sometimes i'd cook it other times not.

Peanut butter worked great for jake whe he was learning to heel as i could hold the spoon at my side and we'd walk and he'd lick. big grin

hot dogs are anotehr good option. I used turkey dogs.

raw meat works great. Used cubed steak or homemade raw meat balls.

Cooked chicken breast shreaded works wonders. with and without skin.

There's a recepie over in the Home Cooked for something called "Salmon Crack" i make that with any protein ground p and jake looses his mind over it. it's very "crack like" indeed. It works great and it's cheap to make. Cost me $0.00 since I had all the ingredients at home already. It's just flour + egg+ protein spread on a sheet and baked. big grin

Good luck.


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I've recently started using ZiwiPeak for training, since I bought a big bag of it for the pet sitter to feed while I was gone for a few days during the holidays. I like it because it's balanced, so I don't have to worry about overdoing anything. It's also made from a protein Onyx doesn't get as part of his regular diet, so I figure the extra variety is a nice bonus.

A cheaper option that's still healthy would be Zuke's Mini Naturals. Those are nice because they're already in nice bite sized pieces. They will dry out if not kept sealed, but I just keep mine in the bag in the refrigerator and only take out what I need per session. Although my dog likes them fine even when they're dried out.

For at home training sessions, I'll often just use cubed raw meat. Only real issue there is the mess factor, which is why I stopped using it for classes.

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Stella and chewys makes lots of raw dog treats. The salmon carnivore kisses r sandys favorite. I actually got a different brand called wild side today they r also raw salmon treats. Sandy loves them!!

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U could also get the freeze dried Stella and chewys raw patties and use those as treats. The freeze dried patties r complete balanced meals, but u bet your dog will think they r treats!

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These are great suggestions! Thanks so much! smile

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I use oven dried bits of chicken, pork skin, or banana. You can use anything your dog likes and tolerates in large amounts - i have a couple lamb hearts in the freezer I've been meaning to chop up and dry smile

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I've been making my own dehydrated treats from whatever meat I happen to have extra packages of. This past week, I made venison, chicken, burger and skirt steak.
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There is a recipe under Home Prepared Food and Recipes for a salmon treat that is healthy and dogs LOVE. And you can change ingredients easily to fit any dog's special diet. This easy recipe might work well for you. smile