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Do my dogs have much less GAS since starting the raw diet?? When I brought Nyota home I was almost asphyxiated on the car ride home. Needless to say that bag of dogfood the breeder gave me did not get out of the car with us when we got home. She hasn't had kibble since she was at the breeders and NO GAS! Bodie my 11 year old sheltie is not constipated all the time now either and he doesn't have that nasty dog breath that he had before switching. Smaller poo . . . less gas . . . I am sold . . . oh and it is good for them!
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Saya isn't gassy much, but she has had death farts I'd say two or four times in her three years of life it wasn't so bad she was kicked out of my room.

I was like Saya what did you eat! laugh out loud

First time Saya had death farts was when she had her first lamb shank she had lamb marrow and guess it was rich for her. She didn't fart till bed time or I didn't smell till we were in bed. haha

Second time she had lamb shank she didn't have death fart I guess she needed to get used to it.

She has had lamb ribs before, but lamb marrow is pretty rich. My mistake for not scooping it out ahead of time so I could offer a little of it each day instead of all at once. ah well.

I forgot why she farted the other times maybe too many treats, bully stick or who knows.

Death farts are no fun.


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At least less smellier... Though mine ate a lot of garlic-flavoured treats for a period and I'd catch random whiffs of rotten garlic when she farted in her sleep