Chicken and Itchy skin

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Barked: Wed Feb 20, '13 5:20am PST 
For years, I've read and heard that it isn't very good to feed chicken to your dog especially if it has a itchy skin problem. Because of the hormones that are injected into chickens - feeding chicken to your dog can exacerbate the problem. (I am also aware that the other ingredients in kibble can also cause skin problems.) Before I started raw, I never fed my puppy chicken kibble.

My puppy is a rescue and since I've had her she has a ringworm and a rash problem. She scratches constantly. Her vet has been reluctant to give her 'normal' dose meds because she is still a puppy and is still developing and by giving her adult dose could damage her liver. Her coat became dull from ringworm topical medication.

After 2 weeks on raw (beef and lamb), her scratching is down by more than half and her rash is gone. And everyone tells me how beautiful and shiny her coat is.

The reason I am asking is because feeding raw can be expensive especially on beef and lamb. It is more economical to go with chicken or pork.

I gave my puppy soft pork bones and she threw it up - so I am wary of giving her any more pork.

I gave her a chicken wing - she didn't throw up. I am encouraged.

So my question is, does the chicken thing apply in the raw context? And will it exacerbate an existing skin problem?

Much thanks!

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What kind of pork bone was it pork ribs, pork shoulder roast?

Those only pork bone in items I give Saya she had pork feet when she was new to raw and doing good on pork, but I don't give it anymore pretty boney plus I have plenty of bone in meals at moment so I mainly focus on keeping boneless, fish, gizzards and hearts in stock..

I never heard that chicken can exacerbate problems with skin..

If a dog is allergic to chicken sure there might be some issues.

Some dogs are allergic to cooked and kibble form.

Dink our old catahoula mix would have horrible gas and slight loose poop if given any unseasoned cooked turkey. Same with any kibble that had turkey in it even as minor ingredient.

I gave her turkey neck she did fine with the raw turkey neck she also got chicken feet, ground turkey or beef heart with meals.

She mainly ate fish based kibble, but I gave the raw meals for some variety and she did fine with it. I only had to stop when she got older as she had issues standing so it was hard for her to go outside to eat the raw meal.

Saya is misses iron stomach she handles variety pretty well.

Chicken is her favorite.

Bella she can be itchy when pollen is bad I believe it's enviromental as in winter she isn't so itchy and doesn't itch. Come spring she starts it up.

She gets chicken and she does fine with it.

If your worried about things injected getting free ranged chicken from local farmers is option coarse more pricey though. :

Be sure to get chicken that isn't enhanced by any brine or added broth or sodium.. As extra sodium some dogs do ok with it some don't.

I gotten a whole turkey once for free it was enhanced I didn't want to refuse it so I cooked the meat up then cut the meat into treat size and bagged it up. I used the cooked turkey as small kibble topper for Bella and treats for them.

I also added some to my home made dog biscuits to add some white meat with the cooked organs and meat for the treat mix..

I don't purposely buy it. If I get it for free from someone I'll use it for treats.

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