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How do you clean up after a dog with lots of loose skin after they eat?

Jake is really easy since he doesn't have any extreme excess skin and his ears are held back with a srunchy.

But i'm looking into getting a second dog. It seems Basset Hound is going to be the breed for me. So how do i go about cleaning up a dog that's got excess skin under the throat? Is there some sort of solution someone makes or do you just leave them be?

I'm curious to know. I prodomientnely feed Jake chicken legs and thighs 3-4 days a week then he gets livers and kidneys (chicken) on those days as well. Then usually friday or Saturday he'll get beef steaks or ribs with beef liver and then it s a toss up of left overs i've cooked, and usually more chicken. He sadly can't have pork do to allergies. I also don't do any clean up. Usually jake licks his own feet and mouth clean. (but he has very little excess skin in the jowls and neck)

I plan to feed my new dog in a similar fashion. So any advise would be great.

** note: we sometimes do the whole home cooked thing. If i need to stretch out his meals or if someone else is coming to take care of him like my mom or neighbor. It's easier to get them to feed home cooked then watch my dog devower a chicken carcass ;D

Thanks in advance.

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I have a bichon with tons of hair around his face. I wipe his hair up with wet ones because it evaporates quickly. The anti-bacterial stuff is an added bonus. I use the same wipes to wipe all the dog's paws after using it to hold on to their food as they tear it up.