Old, freezer burnt, and other not so fresh

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I have a question about this. The purpose of raw is to feed fresh food with all the nutrients intact. But aging and freezing causes some nutrients to break down and degrade. So what's the point of feeding old meat? Freezer burnt meat? And even meat that's been sitting in the freezer for even just a few weeks?

Wouldn't it be best to feed fresh right from the store/supplier and never frozen and not aged more than a few days at very most?

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Feeding just fresh probably be best, but it'd be hard to do especially if you own big dogs or multiple dogs.

Having an upright or chest freezer helps stock up on deals..

I get freezer burned meat from people to feed because it's free meat and it's not going to waste..

Sure freezer burned meat isn't as good as fresh or recently frozen meat, but it still OK.

If worried nutrient wise can half it and just feed it as snacks.

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I cut up a piece of freezer burnt meat that looked horrible on the surface. Only 1/8" inside the meat looked just fine. Sure the fats are in bad shape if freezer burnt and the meat would taste nasty to us but inside it is probably as good as ever.

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yeah, think of it as.. those times when you do find freezer burned meat to feed (it's not like the entire diet is freezer burned meat) so some of the nutrients may be damaged, however there is still plenty of nutrients left in the meat and just because it lost some doesn't mean it gained anything bad, it's still free of preservatives, fillers, and other STUFF, so your dogs digestive system will thank you for that.

I feed raw because I hate to think about all the extra STUFF that has to go into my dogs body when I feed kibble... I think a body works best when it is given what it needs and doesn't have to deal with any extra stuff and waste products. and freezer burned meat still fits that need for me.

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I think most store bought meat has already been frozen anyway. I always immediately portion out and re-freeze the meat I buy, and often find it already partially frozen. The last time I bought beef liver it was totally frozen, I had to thaw it out before I could cut it up!

Although I suppose it would be ideal to feed fresh, never frozen meat, it seems pretty impractical for most people. And ultimately it’s still fresher and less processed than the alternative.

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I am sure most of the meat I eat has been frozen but I don't eat freezer burnt meat. It tastes nasty! When I was a kid we bought a side of beef and the last of it got freezer burnt. We were accusing each other of not rinsing the cleanser out of the pan as the meat tasted like bleach! Max gladly eats the stuff though.

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While I'm sure that it would be ideal to feed fresh, I see that as unattainable and ridiculously expensive for the vast majority of raw feeders.

The only way I can afford to feed one large dog is because she has her own freezer and I stockpile as sources become available. She regularly eats food that has been frozen for 6 months, and oftentimes longer than that. But then, so do the people in the household and we rarely have instances of freezer burn, even with game meat that had been in the freezer for 2 years. It must be how meat is handled and packaged that makes the difference...

Besides, as several posters have pointed out, most meat arrives at the grocery store frozen and then is thawed, portioned, and packaged for sale.

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Thanks for the answers. I made lamb stew from freezer burnt lamb last night for the dogs. They didn't care! I read that if you stew it, the freezer burnt taste goes away anyways.

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As a freezer burnt meat victim I have to say that is not correct. Even spaghetti sauce made with freezer burnt hamburger, onions, tomatoes and lots of garlic tastes nasty.

The dog doesn't mind a bit though.

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I have two large dogs that eat about 3lb a day combined.
If I wanted to feed fresh then I'd have to buy in 15lb increments because otherwise it would go bad.
With our co-op if you get 15lb (20% beef) it is $2.00 a lb.
30lb is 1.90/lb
60 is 1.75/lb
90 is 1.60/lb ($144)
and 150lb is 1.00/lb! ($150)

So for 6 dollars more, I get 60lb !
Good deal for me.
I could make raw really expensive.. Or I could make it cheap so I have more money to take my dogs hiking & such.