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To those of you who track numbers and balance: do you ever run into shortages with Vitamin D? Duke is consistently low every time I analyze his diet. Is there D in bones, and since bones aren't included in the analysis, this is why it looks low?

He gets a ton of variety and most of his diet is red meat--primary proteins are beef, bison, venison, pork, and goat. He also gets tripe, heart, turkey, oily fish, duck, and the occasional oddball items from MPC (goose, muskrat, ostrich). I feed duck heads regularly for the eyes/brain and the usual organ (liver, spleen, kidney, and pancreas from various animals). He gets high dose of salmon oil to help with his arthritis.

Here's last week, if anyone is interested (not sure if this link will work or not):


Since bone isn't in the database, everything is entered as meat. I wish there was a way to add bone into these ND diets! Most of Duke's beef is entered as just "ground beef" because I buy the MPC chunks and I don't know what the cut is. My recent score of organic beef also falls into that mix.

Thoughts on D?

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Dogs get Vitamin D from the sun. Take your dogs for a walk on a sunny day with proper hydration.

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There is a lot of D in canned fishes, I use them for D content over anything else. Conker spends hours basking in the sun when it's out, so that helps, I guess.
I have no idea how much D is in bones, if there is any at all. There is a meaty bone analysis for several types here: clicky link but there is no vitamin content listed. I do not know how accurate these analysis are. I also don't know how much D is in some organs, so I just give a little less fish D than recommended in case there's D elsewhere in the diet.

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