How do I use nutritiondata and usda

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I've seen people say that they use nutritiondata.com to calculate if their dog is getting everything that they need. I would assume the site is for people and would be basing it on cooked food vs raw. Can someone walk me through how to use this site?

Also I've looked at the usda database for bone percentages in certain cuts of meat and I don't see bone listed. (http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/) For example if I look up cornish hen, it just says cornish hen meat and skin raw.

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See Sedona's thread in the home cooking forum for a great walk through on using ND. It is a bit buggy on my browser so try not to get too frustrated with it.

USDA recently changed the site so you have an extra screen to go through to see the bone content. Go to full report to see the waste. And not all bony meats have the information anyway. Chicken, turkey and some pork is about it I think. Oh - raw beef shortribs comes up 20% bone, never seen that before!