Raw Meaty Bone for 11 week old Puppy

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I am a raw food diet newbie and I am a little nervous about the introduction of the pups first Raw Meaty Bones. I would love detailed instructions of what to ask the butcher for. I am planning to request Beef Marrow Bones but I'm not sure what size I should ask for. The puppy is maybe 10 lbs max.

I have been told to freeze the RMB and then take it away after about 12 hours.

I am nervous that I will cause tooth damage but everything I have read said that if there is meat on the bone then the danger is low.

I am too nervous to try chicken yet, even though everything I read says to start with that. I'd like to work my way up to chicken.

I am going to start with an Honest Kitchen raw diet and supplement with RMB until I get more confidence.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I just started feeding raw as well and I feed Stella and cheweys. They make premade raw food. Their website has a phone number u can call and that way u could make sure you were feeding the right amount to your dog.

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Is there a particular reason you are avoiding chicken? Chicken is much easier to handle for puppies than beef. The meat is easier to tear and the bones are easier to crunch.

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Thank you, I will check them out. Just an irrational fear because I have always been told to not feed chicken bones to dogs since I was a child. I know those were cooked bones. I guess I just need to get over it. How is it going for you? I may post more questions here as I go along. Thanks for the response!

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I also gave my dog marrow bones whenever I was first learning about feeding raw, however they are not something that should be part of the main diet. The marrow bone is too hard for the dog to eat. He will scrape the bits of meat off and eat out the marrow (which is nutritious, but also very fatty and can cause diarrhea).
Because he is small right now, you can feed the marrow bones for fun, they do enjoy getting out the marrow. But when he gets bigger, a bone like this will be a choking hazard and can cause teeth to break if he chews too hard.

A better idea would be to feed, chicken necks, turkey necks, or chicken thigh, or pork neck pieces, or sliced beef knuckle. The last two have bone that your dog probably won't be able to eat, but he can gnaw on it. Chicken and turkey necks have bone which is easy for the dog to chew up and have lots of meat to cushion. Chicken thighs will have a bone that is too big to swallow so the puppy will chew it rather than it being a choking hazard.

I have video of Cookie (8.5 lbs) eating a chicken neck on youtube. You can search "Cookie eats raw"
and there are many other videos of raw dogs.
seeing them eat the bone will make you less worried.

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This is how I start my dogs with raw. I follow the PMR principles:

My dog has an ideal adult weight of 50 lbs. I feed around a pound to 1.5 pounds of meat a day

Week 1 and 2: Chicken
I get whole organic, free-range chicken from the farmer's market weekly meet in my town. The chicken average 3.5 lbs. iI cut the chicken up like this: Cut off the leg and thigh (one piece). Cut out the wings. Separate the breast from the back.

Day 1: I start with a small, bone heavy meal. So I give the chicken back and the neck. This will help keep the stools firm in the transition. For a puppy, I divide this meal into 3 feedings per day. For an adult, I serve one meal a day.
Day 2 and 3: Chicken leg and thigh and a wing.
Day 4: Chicken breasts.
I save off the organs for later.
Then after that, I do the following schedule for the following 9 days:
1: chicken leg/thigh/wing/neck
2: half the chicken breast and half the back (or rather, one breast because the chicken comes with 2 lol)
3: half the chicken breast and half the back
Still saving organs for later.
So basically, I feed one whole chicken in 3-day meals.
At this time, the dog has become a pro at it. If I am getting consistent healthy stools, I add another meat source. I always serve the chicken for their bone content. I just lower the amount of chicken. I add red meat (no bone) on week 3 and 4. On week 5 and 6, I mix in a little bit of the organs I've been saving off - dividing one chicken's organs into 3-day meals. On week 7, I add fish (I feed whiting).
After this, I can play around with more exotic cuts - hearts, green tripe, tongue, tail, eggs, etc. And liver and kidneys from red meat animals. And more variety of protein - rabbits, deer, hog, lamb, turkey, fish, etc. I like protein sources where I can feed the entire carcass - like rabbits and birds.

Okay, if you notice, I don't feed beef bones in the meal. Beef bones are dense and could break dog tooth. I feed ox tails in meals - got some crunchy bone. Beef ribs and marrow and large pork neck cuts I use as chew treats/toys, not meals. So most of the 10% bone in my dog's food come from poultry or rabbit bones.

Hope this helps.

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Here are a couple good threads that might help you out:

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I totally understand the fear about poultry bones, but in addition to the above mentioned problems with marrow bones, your pup needs edible bone, or the diet will be lacking calcium/phosphorus.