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I have a 70 pound dog. He needs to gain at least 5 pounds. He is currently eating 2 cups of deer meat and 1 1/3 cups of honest kitchens preference a day. I am switching to raw in combination with an elimination diet. Can anyone recommend some good weight building food? He is eating more in quantity and when he was on kibble is this normal?
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I've found that depending on the dog, raw can work very well for weight adjustment. I once saw Charlie looking just slightly thicker around the ribs, so I cut his daily percentage from 3% to 2.5% and he was slender again in just a few weeks time. On the other hand, I fed Zelda TRIPLE her daily recommend percentage and she never gained weight.

Anywho, you should be feeding between 2-3% of your dog's adult weight, or the weight you'd like your dog to be. A 75-lb dog would need between 1.5 (1 lb. 8 oz.) and 2.25 (2 lbs. 4 oz.) lbs of food per day. That's IF you're just doing raw though. Adding in kibble or other commercial diets would make that a bit more complicated.
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at the bottom there is a calculator that does it for you smile


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Muscle meat, especially red meat, is weight building food. If you're trying to get your dog to gain weight, you'll need to start with the 3% recommended PMR serving, observe his weight for 2 weeks, and if he is losing weight or staying steady, increase the amount.

Another important factor to this is exercise. You want to keep your dog as active as he is capable to convert the food he is eating to add to a muscular build.

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I don't know about cups, but prey model raw says to feed 2-3% of your dogs weight. If they aren't keeping weight like you want them to, feed more.

Also, I know a dog who has a hard time keeping weight on and her only solution was to have grains in the food (oatmeal). Dogs are all individuals and may require different things.

If your dog is still young, he could still just be in an awkward growing stage. I always see pups look really thin around that certain age.