Pancreatitis help needed

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My vet just called and said that Lex's test came back and she's "borderline" for pancreatitis. Basically, she didn't want to eat, was vomiting occasionally, and lethargic. While we were waiting for test results, I started feeding her smaller meals and she seems to be doing a bit better (no throwing up). My vet does not approve of raw so she recommended some prescription diet that I do NOT want to give Lex. So what do I feed her? I get my raw pre-ground from www.mypetcarnivore.com. I know I'm supposed to be feeding her low-fat. Any help is appreciated!
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Low fat is the way to go, whether you feed raw or not. Kali had pancreatitis a few years back, and we've kept her on a low fat diet. She hasn't had another episode since. I would think that lean meats would be what you should stick to. Maybe someone else will pop in and give some advice. Good Luck and I hope your pup feels better soon. hug
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My Kody had an episode of pancreatitis in March of last year. I did give him the Rx diet for 30 days (his lab results were "off the chart" and vet said he was on the verge of "shutting down" Scared The Crap Out of Me), but when his enzymes returned normal after that 30 days, I took him off the Rx stuff (basically canned corn with a hint of chicken I think) to home cooked (low fat). I then switched him to raw a couple of months later (with the support of a different vet), but I'm very careful to remove all skin and visible chunks of fat (they need some fat after all), and NO junk (I had a bad habit of giving him a bite of whatever I was eating, from cheese to potato chips), and he's been just fine since. He's due for repeat lab in a few weeks, and I'm hoping that I might be able to increase his fat just a tad, due to having some dry itchy skin which I'm assuming may be due to not enough fat, but I've been wrong occasionally. Best of luck.


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The big issues is reducing fat. If you are feeding premade raw, find the lowest fat you can, and ensure it meets the required "grams" of fat based on ingestion. if you are not doing premade you will need to reduce fat based on removing skin, and you may need to increase your carbs a bit to ensure you are not getting straight protein. Straight protein is not bad, but in this case replacing with some good carbs is beneficial.