Trying Raw Fish for the first time..need tips

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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 4:23pm PST 
Severus seems to be allergic to every protein I've tried. Raw beef, pork, chicken, duck..nothing seems to help.

I am now going to try raw fish. Just wondering which are easiest/cheapest and are there any types of fish to avoid?

Thanks in advancesmile

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I found sardines/smelt

anything else that is good?

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What is going on to make you think he is allergic to everything?


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The Newbie thread: Everything you need to know about proteins and cuts! thread has good info on different kinds of fish. That said, I'm not sure how balanced a diet of just fish would be. Adding onto Maxwell's question, are you sure it's a food allergy and not something else?

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I've did trails for chicken, beef , and pork for him. It could be environmental but he's had bad reactions the night of the meals.

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Have you tried rabbit, goose, turkey, or deer have?

Rabbit, goose and deer coarse would be hard one to try as they can be expensive or hard to get. :

I've gotten Pacific saury which has everything head and guts. I get it from Asian market it's also called Mackerel pike I believe.

Just fish probably isn't complete diet. Sure there are some kibble with only one source of protein, but it has vitamins and minerals added and other things like veggies and fruit.

Would giving honest kitchen preference along with the fish be good?

The preference is supposed to help make meals complete just add meat.

Be careful with salmon and trout as some from certain areas can be harmful.

Saya loves smelt, mackerel, and pacific saury. She has had white fish before and liked it.

Mercury content is another thing to watch for besides salmon poisoning, or parasites..

Tuna is high in it, shark and so on there is some mackerel that is too and some types of mackerel that is fine..

There are lists on what is highest and lowest.

Check nutrient data as it has info on nutrients in fish of certain species.

Saya loves sardines only kind I can find is caned kind.

This site has a big variety of items and are in California area.

They have emu, ostrich stuff even Llama.

Ostrich liver, heart.

http://crestonvalleymeats.com/cart/index.php?main_page=ind ex&cPath=1&sort=20a&page=1

Has he gone through a test to see what he's allergic to?

I never gone through food allergies before. Bella is allergic to something in the environment..

Dink did have bad gas when ever she ate kibble with turkey and even cooked turkey.

She was fine on fish based kibble.

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You should try the honest kitchen Zeal. It is a fish diet and complete. Go to their website and read up on it. I have my dog on zeal because she is allergic to proteins in all meats, chicken and turkey. I have had her on it for two years and no problems at all! You can get samples. Well worth it. The fish in the zeal is all wild caught. They have nothing but the best ingredients in their food!

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@Maxwell we have taken the allergy tests for environmental allergies and he now gets allergen shots as well as Atopica to control the itch. He's had reactions the same night whenever we go from chicken for a week to beef to pork. It could be all his allergies but i figure I would give fish a shot.

@UCH Onyx thanks for the link!

@Saya thanks for the suggestions. WE have tried turkey and duck and didn't seem to help. I'm just afraid proteins like rabbit or deer might be too expensive. His Vet/Dermatalogist bills are out of this world!

@kayla I will check that out thanks!

Have you tried rabbit, goose, turkey, or deer have?