Non-poultry edible bones?

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Hi there,
Baby is horribly allergic to chicken, even raw unadulterated kinds not touched by hormones or anything else. And I mean severely allergic.

What are some other edible bones? I heard beef ribs as a possibility, he's 60lbs. I'm not sure I trust him or not, he tends to chew calmly on his antlers and stuff but with added bloody yummy stuff on the edible bone I am a little concerned.

And I heard pork neck is good? Isn't there a higher rate of strange diseases and weird things in pork? Should I freeze it for thirty days first or something?


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Venison necks and ribs have edible bone, same with pork ribs.
You could also try beef ribs.

Is he able to have duck?

Commercial pork is fine, no need to freeze it before feeding. The only pork you have to worry about is from wild or feral pigs.

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Well, I think we may have encountered a problem. I think he may be allergic to beef too. He got some tonight and is itching way more than this morning. Or is it too soon to tell? I did switch him cold turkey as I've read it varies from dog to dog and didn't think he'd have a problem. If he's allergic to both beef and chicken would it be better to just feed something like blue buffalo freedom with lamb since he can't have grains either?

Ugh, I guess I'm just frustrated and not sure how to help my guy. His allergies are just awful to him. He's always biting at his paws, itching every five seconds, itching at his eyes and causing some hair loss from his claws and some tearing. I just feel awful for him and want to solve his problems.

His vet is useless as she just keeps telling me to feed science diet, um no way....

I guess I'm just not feeling confident in myself and am worried I'll keep giving him things he has allergies to... I have no idea what they are beyond chicken and beef, what if he's allergic to even more? I' guessing lamb and venison and all that is gonna really bring up my bill and I'm sure as expensive as blue is it's cheaper than raw...

What if I don't solve his problems cry

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Lamb ribs are edible for my 20lb shiba. pork ribs too..

She can handle pork shoulder bone and grind bone off the jointed part of the bone.

Rabbit is another option.

Is turkey, duck OK or all poultry is a no go?

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Lamb, rabbit, goat and pork bones are edible.

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Lamb, rabbit, deer, beef, pork, fish, just off the top of my head.
Hope this helps