Feeding puppy raw

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Would feeding honest kitchen allow a puppy to transition to raw easier?

Since it is supposed to be dehydrated raw, would it allow her stomach to digest raw meats more easily once I start introducing raw meats?

I'm currently trying out raw lamb green tripe however she's not doing so great.

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THK wouldn't help a bit. It is mostly veggies, not meat.

Tripe is great stuff but it can be fatty and it doesn't have any bone. Bone is what firms poop for raw fed dogs. It does have calcium, a tripe meal is pretty balanced as far as calcium and phosphorus, but we usually start with about 3x the calcium and tripe is about x1 the calcium needed.

See Chance's excellent primer on feeding dogs raw for one dog's take on how to do raw. Dogsters helped with the information within, Chance did the hard work of making all that information make sense.

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I raised Ridley on THK and raw, and I would tend to agree... if your concern is easing them into straight raw, its probably not going to do much. What it DOES do, however, is take the complication of balancing for a puppy, which I didn't want to take any chances with.

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so honest kitchen wouldn't even help my puppy adjust to raw?

Would honest kitchen be better than orijen kibble?
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Any dehydrated "raw" food will be better than any kibble (assuming the ingredient lists are equal) because dehydrated food is much less processed than kibbled food. But dehydrated is far from being raw.

Think of it as the difference between eating a lunch of homemade kale chips and beef jerky, and a lunch of fresh kale salad and rare steak... The former isn't bad for you by any means, but it isn't nearly the same as the latter. And either one is eons better than spinach-flavored potato chips with a well-done cheeseburger.