Chi won't eat

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Barked: Tue Dec 25, '12 3:57pm PST 
I bought Lizzie a bag of Primal pre made raw and this morning a I gave her her first meal of it. she wouldn't even touch it. She has NEVER turned down any type of food so I was sure she'd eat it confused a few years back I used to give her chicken drumsticks and gizzards as snacks and I recently gave her chicken hearts and she gobbled them right up....any suggestions on how to get her to eat it shrug She's never been a picky eater so I'm at a loss....

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Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 9:47am PST 
Nobody has any ideas?

The usual ones are to rub it with something yummy and stinky or put it in a hot pan until it smells good or do tough love. None of those seem to be a real good idea for ground up raw for a tiny dog.

You could treat it the way cats are introduced to new foods. Put a tiny bit in the bowl alongside the usual food. Max is far more likely to try something not irresistible if I do that. He is already eating and will give the strange stuff a lick. If it hasn't turned into a fuzzy black dog eating monster he may give it another and might eat it.

Is this whole prey type or BARF type? If it is BARF type then perhaps one of the veggies is putting your dog off.

And it is commercial stuff. Are you sure it wasn't thawed and refrozen which could result in more bacteria caused stinkiness than your dog is willing to deal with.

Barked: Sat Dec 29, '12 10:54am PST 
when i started my shih tzu on raw she refused to eat for 3 days. i had to half cook it and cook it less and less each day.