Does this look right??

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started raw about 2 months ago. i have a 5 month old pup about 25 lbs and feed him about 1- 1.5 lbs a day each container is a days worth. any comments or tips are welcome thanks in advance

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Whoa! Try re-sizing your photos. Thankfully my computer is fast enough to load them without crashing, but it looks like only about 1/4 of the image even fits on my screen.

Honestly though, photos aren't really necessary. The important points are:
- How much is your puppy supposed to weigh as an adult?
- How much of what items are you feeding?

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no idea what he's supposed to way as an adult i rescued him from a shelter and not sure exactly what he's mixed with but i did alot of reasearch and 1.5 lbs keeps him at a nice lean puppy weight thats been pretty consistant in his weight gain and growth on a weekly basis. a few average days of food are:
8oz chicken leg
4oz beef heart
8oz pork shoulder meat
4oz ground beef
1oz beef liver
1oz beef kidney

8oz chicken leg
8oz ground pork
4oz beef heart
4oz green tripe
1oz chicken liver
1oz pork kidney


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Lucky pup! Looks like good stuff.

Might be a bit light on organ as 10% of 1.5 pounds would be 2.4 ounces.

Might try to work in a couple eggs a week and some fatty fish especially if the meats aren't grass fed or pastured.

Might try to mix in other proteins as you can find them.
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I agree with max smile

I add whole raw egg, sardines and / or fish oil occasionally as well. Take a good look around where you are such as asian grocery stores, small grocers, and even your local market.. a lot of them have 'odd' meat. I am able to find rabbit, various turkey parts, seafood, frog, and some other oddball stuff.. too expensive to feed all the time, but nice to add in occasionally for variety.