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I started Lacey on raw diet two weeks ago today with the hope of decreasing her skin issues (she already takes weekly injections but still scratches a lot). At first I thought it was making a difference, but now see it's as bad as before and she is back on Benadryl (which only helps somewhat). Vet recommends the allergy kibble (Royal Canin), but I get bummed thinking about her on that and nothing else. Is it realistic to think we would see a difference in two weeks? Any suggestions for itchy skin? If it matters, she is an American pit bull terrier. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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What are you feeding her?

If you are feeding prey model raw make sure meat is not enhanced.

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I actually have experience with itchy skin as my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Zack, suffered from it. His skin used to be raw, especially on his arm pits, belly and neck, and he used to always, ALWAYS chew his paws. It got so bad that the fur on his neck came off and we were advised not to put a collar on him because it was so sore. We were told to bathe him with Malaseb shampoo at least once a week, which helped a little but was bad as it took the oils from his skin and it was only soothing the skin and not solving the actual problem. He also had an injection and steroid cream for his neck.

We moved him onto Orijen kibble, and although his skin and fur condition improved it was only minimal.

Then we found out about the raw diet, and put him on that. I don't really think two weeks is a reasonable time length as it took months for Zacks skin to actually look healthy again and the fur to grow back. His skin is now lovely and healthy, as is his coat, and he is now able to wear a collar again as the fur on his neck has grown back. Occassionally in the summer he will get red arm pits and a bit of an itchy neck as its that time of year when it used to flare up really badly, but now it's only a very small amount and no way near as bad as it was. As for his paws, he hasn't chewed them in over a year smile

Personally I would give it at least two months to make sure that the diet could not help with your dogs skin, as it really helped with Zacks and it took months for it to heal properly. I can honestly say that switching to raw is the best thing I have ever done for him, health wise smile

Hope this helps - best of luck to you smile


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I'm not sure how well this applies to dogs but I had to change my eating habits pretty drastically a while back. Not just gluten free but "no gluten anywhere in it's life cycle". Also there's a common preservative that triggers my migraines that is in most commercially packaged raw chicken.

In addition, since a lot of the "bad stuff" in my diet previously was fat soluble, as I lose weight, it gets released back into my system and I have occasional flare ups. Taking months to get the bad stuff the whole way out is normal.

As soon as Casper's vet told me to go grain free to stop his constant itchiness I used my standards of grain free the whole way from birth to slaughter for any human food/treats I fed him. (And grain free kibble is just this week switched to raw fed, again stuff that's grain free birth to death.) I'm really lucky because I live near Amish Country in PA and have relatives who still keep family farms but even if you don't, it's possible to find that stuff, just maybe a bit harder.

Also, I feel a little silly for suggesting it because it was the first thing my vet auggested qhen Cawper was itchy and you've probably already tried it but have you tried changing the dogs shampoo and all of your cleaning/soap/detergents to something hypo-allergenic? Especially with a dog that has short fur, it wouldn't surprise me if anything he touched could trigger skin irritation.

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I am feeding her chicken and pork at this point (just started adding fish oil to see if it will help). I've tried to be conscious of avoiding enhanced, but will continue to double check. It's very helpful to hear the experience of another terrier owner, because what you described is our situation exactly...so I guess we just need to hang in there and give it more time. Just hate to see her continue to be uncomfortable. Thank you for the suggestion to change up detergents, etc., as I hadn't thought to try that. Will switch to all green products to see if it helps. Thanks so much for input, it helps so much!