Is it enough?

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Hi everyone. So my 17 lb miniature schnauzer is getting about 0.36 pounds a day. I cut it down to two portions. I give one in the morning and one in the evening. I'm part of a local co op and get a mixture of GROUND chicken, lamb, and turkey. This mixture includes 10% bone and 10% organ. My question is about portion. There is such a small amount. She gets it down in seconds and then looks at me like, "more please". She is constantly begging for food. I know dogs tend to do that but she is extreme! I know this is partly our fault because we have given her table scraps. I just feel like its not enough. Like I said she is done both meals within seconds, a couple bites.

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5.5 ounces? That is 2% of her body weight and smaller dogs tend to need more than that to maintain good body condition. Evaluate her condition, maybe she is getting skinny and needs more food? That is certainly how she wants this to go!

I started feeding Max once a day so he got larger portions. One meal was okay but the other was a bite of meat, hardly seemed worth it. As he had been a constant bile vomit offender I had my doubts but he hasn't had any trouble on raw. 5 years of raw and maybe 3-5 bile vomits total, not bad. On kibble it was at least weekly.

Max can vacuum up ground stuff super fast too. If I smash it around the bottom angle of a pie pan type dish he has to work a little to eat ground stuff.

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Yeah maybe increase it a little to see if that helps? Feeding it frozen or like Max said mashed on the bowl to make it harder to eat so the dog takes a bit longer to eat?

It is amazing how long it takes Bella my boxer to eat a chicken quarter compared to kibble.. She eats ground meat fast too, but frozen helps slow her down tiny bit.

Same for Saya she eats ground meat or organs fast so I feed organs and ground meat either frozen or semi thawed.

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I agree with Saya and Maxwell.

Try feeding a little bit more if she starts to lose weight. i constantly monitored mr B's weight when i changed his diet.

When i first put Jake on raw at the beginning of last year he dropped weight dramatically over the coruse of two weeks. He should have only needed 9-11 oz a day. Turns out becuase of our energy level and that amount of activity Mr. B gets he needed more along 14-16oz total of mixture meat/organ/bone a day.

I ended up just buying chicken quarters and liver and stuffing the liver under the chicken quarter skin and freezing it. It would take jake between 15-30 minutes to chew down a chicken quarter if it was frozen or semi thawed. Eventually he just got a whole fryer chicken (~7-9lbs) over the course of 5 days with the skin remove and cavity stuffed with ground beef/ liver mixture.

When he got the luxury of only ground beef or chicken he'd eat in less then 5 minutes unless it was served frozen.

You could try Kong stuffing her meals if you want to prolong them. that worked well for jake when it was ground meats served fresh/thawed.

I also do one a day feedings. Jake had a few bile episodes in the beginning when we went to one day. I found that giving him a treat at night ~ 2oz of meat or peanut butter made the bile stop and he got through the night. Sometimes i'd let him have some fruit, veggies or a carb like rice too if i had some left over from dinner.

good luck!!