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Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 2:42pm PST 
Hi everyone, I have a question which is not related to raw feeding. I'm putting it here because I feel we all want the very best for our dogs. If you would like me to move the conversations that is fine. So my dog has had issues with fleas since I've gotten her. It's not an infestation. The most I've ever found on here is 3 fleas. The only thing that has been effective was advantage and that only worked for 2 weeks. My issue with that is that it can be very harmful. It's a toxic agent and I don't want to apply month after month. My vet says it completely safe, but my research begs to differ. I've recently tried diatomaceous earth, which I heard nothing but great reviews. That didn't work either ( althought I don't think I left it down long enough). Can anyone give me suggestions on more natural ways to get rid of them once and for all. I want my dog to live a long healthly, vet free life and I don't feel like commercial flea meds will contribute to that. Feeding Raw was a huge step in that direction, I don't want to go backwards

the chi-weenie
Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 4:21pm PST 
but where is your dog getting the fleas from?

I guess I'm lucky because where I live, there don't seem to be fleas. Cookie never picks them up, not even at the dog parks. She does however pick them up at my bf's parents house where there are lots of flea infested dogs and cats. I just give her a dish soap bath before we leave that place and pick them all off. (usually around 6 of them). to make sure we don't bring any home.

some vets say garlic is a flea deterrent when fed to a dog, but some will say garlic is also toxic to dogs.

but depending on where your dog is getting them from. I'd try to attack the source, because I also don't like putting poison on or in my dog.

If the dog is getting fleas from the house.. treat the house. if from the yard, treat the yard. if from the park, bring some dish soap and kill them before going home.