Post Bloat Surgery Food [Update]

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Hello Everyone! It's been almost a year since I've been on the forums. Hippo had bloat surgery almost a year ago. The first month was a strict schedule of feedings and medications. I had an entire wipe board dedicated to his schedule. Some medications had to be given with food, some before, some after. Every 2 hours was some sort of medication. Today he gets Prilosec OTC about 2-3 times a week (still has acid reflux issues), that's pretty much it. Well, aside from other preexisting medications.

Hippo wound up suffering some damage with is ability to absorb nutrients from food and starting looking pretty thin/ muscle atrophy. I tried feeding him more food, but he was eating double of what he was pre-bloat, and I'm a bit paranoid about him eating too much. I began playing with foods to see what would work. I tried duck then venison, which showed some results. The best for Hippo turns out to be Bison meat. I've been feeding bison for 3 months now, and he has gained back weight and is starting to gain muscle mass back. Oh, he also gets some yogurt on his food too.

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How You Doin'?
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I'm so glad Hippo is doing better and you found a protein that works for him. How scary. hug

Have you looked into any of the digestive aids? I think one is Prozyme.