War between BARF and Prey Model -- getting exhausting!

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your dog's diet, please contact your vet!

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 8:20am PST 
Hi there,

I don't know if this is a question or more of a comment. But I'm interested in finding out the experiences other raw feeders have had in not just this forum but the many other popular raw feeding forums or chats (we'll leave them unnamed).

It is my belief that anyone who tries a raw diet, whether pre packaged, BARF or Prey Model is making a great and valiant effort to take better care of their pets. However, I find the war/debate/animosity between the BARF proponents and the Prey Model proponents to be exhausting. Other than some differences, both methodologies have the same aims and end goals, feeding a more species appropriate diet, getting their dogs away from kibble, and most importantly getting healthy.

Every time I ask a question in the various raw forums, raw chats, etc. I am met with differing viewpoints and sometimes rude answers if I have done something that doesn't align with one of the methodologies. I'm definitely looking to learn from experienced feeders and am open to constructive criticism.

But is there any place you can to ask experienced raw feeders questions and ask for help without getting rude or snarky responses? I find Prey Model feeders to be the worst culprit. One mention of any vegetable matter fed to your dogs receives some blatant comments that are more scolding in nature than helpful (for the record that never happened in this forum).

Most people come to forums to learn. And everyone who feeds raw was a newbie at some point and I'm sure had lots of questions and concerns, so I thought raw feeding forums would be nurturing and supportive places to discuss experiences without feeling judged. I have just been feeling lately like some exclusive prey model raw forums can be critical and harsh and don't offer the most supportive environment for asking questions and being honest. I am a prey model raw feeder though and believe it in. However, I don't strongly believe the other raw feeders are doing a disservice to their dogs, I am happy to see more people feed raw, whatever method they chose.

Anyway, please feel free to share your experiences in this or other forums and with other raw feeders. I'm wondering if this is just me or if others have noticed this.

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 9:23am PST 
Haven't seen that here lately.

Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 9:56am PST 
Me neither.

Maybe steer clear of the more extremist forums if you're not fond of those attitudes?

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Charlie Pete

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 11:31am PST 
I'm not here that often lately, but I couldnt tell you which dogster adheres to which approach. It just doesnt seem to be that big of an issue in this group. I've heard of both approaches, but seen no controvery

If you want controversy on dogster, go to Behaviour and Training....plenty to be had there!! laugh out loud

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 12:28pm PST 
Yep, haven't noticed that here, much. There are very strict groups that do exist, though. The Raw Feeding (RF) group on Facebook is pretty extremist, and nothing besides 100% PMR is up for discussion or debate. It says in their guidelines that "This group is for feeding a carnivore. If you want to feed other things, please join a different group." Their mods are quick to dismiss anyone that says anything that goes against their guideline for the group.

I was a member of the group and did find it helpful, but I ended up leaving the group (even though I feed PMR) because I found it was no longer useful to me and some of the mods did make personal attacks. For instance, I asked a question once about my dog's blood test results in regard to feeding raw, just out of curiosity, and I was quickly accused of "doubting the raw diet" simply because I had questions. It's that sort of attitude that make me leave the group. They've also scared off a lot of newbies which I think is stupid. I am a part of other raw feeding Facebook groups that aren't as extremist, and people there are a lot more relaxed and willing to discuss various feeding methods.
Ember FDX

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 12:43pm PST 
I know the forums you're talking about... Just stay away from them. It's not necessary to join internet communities to feed raw. Especially when the people in those communities are more or less completely off their rocker. The advice you're getting is at best regurgitated fact they've read somewhere, at worst just plain dangerous.

There's no big difference between BARF and PMR. BARF can tend to get really heavy on the supplementation, but PMR can easily get too sparse. Mostly it seems to come down to what's available in your area... The people I see doing the most supplementing are the ones that have a more difficult time finding organs, and/or a wide variety of affordable meats. The people I see feeding ground food are the ones that can get a great deal on ground meat. The people I see feeding large hunks of wild animals are the ones who know a lot of hunters. And so on.

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Gray Dawn- Treader

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 1:03pm PST 
The forums here tends to be lean toward prey model (unless that's changed since I stopped being as active), but we also seem to be more laid back about these kind of discussions than other forums. Apparently. Go us.dancing

I feed prey model, but I honestly could care less if someone feeds BARF or not. Seems to work for them, and I'm sure it is better than kibble.

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 1:46pm PST 
There isn't a single topic about dogs that people agree about. Food is just one of them.

I *know* properly fed meat/bone/organ raw is best for dogs but it is hard for some people to accept. If they feed a good quality kibble with a topper that is better than dry kibble. If they feed all home cooked food made with care to balance the recipe that is better yet. A good quality BARF diet is much better than kibble or home cooked food and might be best for that dog or that situation. Have to say I have concerns about the recipes I have seen though. Too much bone and not enough red meat in them.

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 3:17pm PST 
Ditto what Maxwell said about recipes. I've seen some that seemed to be WAY off, and when I ran them against NRC, didn't come out balanced. At least not for my dog.

That said, I don't get into those debates. I do what is best for Duke, which is PMR, and that's really all that matters to me at the end of the day. Grains make him stiffer (inflammation, I suspect), and carbs exacerbate his reactivity. Some people seem to like engaging in ideological debates when they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet.

I was also met with some extreme views on one Yahoo group. I was new, I was there to learn, and all they did was bash my questions about veggies, balance, etc. So I quit the group and never went back. Problem solved.

This forum is pretty fair and open. I hope you have a good experience here, as most of us have.

Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 3:34pm PST 
This site doesn't have much of that, not that I've seen anyway. There's a yahoo group that is downright scary if you mention vegetables or bits of cooked food. There was even someone saying that if you couldn't afford to feed your dogs mostly red meat you shouldn't have them naughty. Just stay off the more extremist places and you'll be fine.
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