Raw food - frozen or not?

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Hi there,
I've been feeding my dog on a homemade diet with cooked muscle meat, veggies and brown rice or quinoa, but am now looking at the benefits or going totally raw.

I've dipped my toe in the water...with a few lamb shanks every week or so and he seems to love them...I am amazed that all the plaque has come off his teeth, its like he has a new set of gnashers!! and his anal glands seem not to trouble him the days after a bone.
I guess its all a bit overwhelming knowing which cuts to go for and also whether you freeze them beforehand or not?? do you do this with shanks and ribs to kill off the parasites?
Is there any one else on here with Cocker Spaniels feeding raw? Be good to hear what cuts you go for?
Thanks!blue dog

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If the lamb shanks are purchased from a grocery store or butcher, there is no need to freeze them. I freeze any wild game for three weeks to be safe, though most wild game I get has already been frozen for much longer.

As far as cuts, you can feed about anything. I feed mostly hearts of various species for muscle meat, but also trim, lungs, trachea, etc. I feed beef, pork, goat, lamb, turkey, sheep, chicken, etc.

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All dogs can eat some part of the same meats. Great Danes eat the same stuff as chihuahuas! A GD wouldn't eat chicken necks rather half a chicken and it would take a chihuahua a couple weeks to finish off half a chicken. That GD might eat all of a beef rib and the chihuahua might leave most of the bone but that is just fine.

See Chance's page on starting raw, very nice stuff there.

And Charlie's thread here on meats.


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Parasites exist in the digestive track of the animal, so the stomach and intestines are the only thing we need to worry about for freezing. I feed meat and bone from venison kills fresh, as long as it was killed and gutted correctly without perforating organs. Anything from a grocery store is very unlikely to be contaminated with parasites, as it's regulated and it's pre-frozen.

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I feed an 8-9 lb dog raw and I buy my meat from the grocery store and only freeze for storage because she eats only 3-4 oz a day.
She eats mostly beef with a chicken neck and a cube of my organ mix (I use half liver plus kidney and sweet breads) every couple of days.
super easy!