My Great Dane puppies swallow the meat whole so what do I do

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My pups are 14 weeks. I have fed commercial raw grind but now with pups the cost is so high I joined a coop. I had fed dry at 10% body weight for Dane pups but was instructed 3% should be enough (it is not). How much % for growing pups. I was also told frozen turkey necks would slow them down and keep them from gulping. 2 out of 4 swallow them whole. I then went to frozen wings and it was 4 for 4. Rack of lamb and goat rib don't look any bigger to prevent swallowing except that they may take longer to get to a piece of the bone. I fed postman bones before the coop told me why not. They get variation and I even have thrown in some white rice to try to add some weight. H e l p

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You feed them 2-3% of their estimated adult weight.. So 2 to 4lb a day.

I would feed whole prey for bone..like whole turkeys, or rabbits.. chickens might be a little small.. the object you feed should be bigger than their head. Maybe hold onto the turkey necks while they eat so they learn to slow down?

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2-3% of their anticipated healthy adult weight. If a pup is expected to be about 150 pounds then 3-4.5 pounds of food a day. Skinny pups get more and chubby ones get less and I understand that can be a day by day change.

Lots of puppy owners report that the pup cannot eat as much as that and it is suggested to just offer a big thing and they eat what they want. Some days they need more and some days less depending.

Feed as large a chunk as you can. I cut Max's boneless meat into z or w shapes so the meat gets a few tooth holes before it is in the stomach. You can feed meat inside kongs or to a plate as well. Max will chew a bony bit with the knobby end shoved inside a kong very nicely but it is super fun getting the knob out afterwards! Do they even make kongs that are safe for giant dogs? I wouldn't give your pups anything smaller than a chicken quarter and later half a chicken.

The reason pups are fed often is they need to take in the same amount of food as the adult and their gut usually cannot deal with that amount of food in one or two meals a day. So watch the poop, once they can digest a meal just fine and maybe aren't as interested in eating one of the meals then cut that meal and make the other meals larger. And each meal doesn't need to be the same size. The bony meat meal should be larger than the others. Both because the bone can help firm the meal and to make it safer.