I adopted a raw dog

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I have recently adopted a 55 pound Staffordshire terrier. His foster family (whom he was with for about a month) was feeding him a raw diet. Mostly chicken quarters with an organ piece and/or a marrow bone here and there. He seems to be doing well on the raw diet, so I want to continue it. I was thinking about feeding him about 500 grams of food a day. About 250 grams of raw meaty bones (chicken quarters, sardines, etc), about 170 grams of muscle meat/heart/tripe (from cow, pig, deer, etc), about 55 grams of liver/kidney, and a cooked egg here and there.

Please, thoughts and comments are much appreciated, as I am new at this!!

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That is awesome he was getting raw food at his foster home! Sounds like his basic diet is on the right track so just keep it up for right now.

Keep reading about the diet and you will figure out how to make it more varied for him. Chicken is great for nutrition purposes but sort of easy and boring to eat compared to a big pork neck, pork shank, rack of beef ribs and so on. Max mostly gets chicken for bone but at least once a week he gets something more fun and challenging.

I just bumped several great threads this weekend and they are still on the first page, read Chance's thread and Charlie's Newbie thread for starters then for lots of links to further reading see Gio's thread. To see the dumb mistakes we have all made read through the Mistakes thread.

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Maxwell pretty much summed it up, I just wanted to add congrats on your newly adopted dog and I think it's great you're planning on continuing to feed raw. dancing