Upset tummy after eating bone

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I feed my Miniature Schnauzer with Natural Instinct and once a week I gice him a bone, usually lamb (spine or neck). Not always, but a little too often for my liking, I notice late evening on bone day his stomach making churning noises and occasionally in the early hours he will vomit mostly clear liquid with a small piece or two of bone. The next day he is fine. I guess the bits of bone always comes out one end or the other, but it makes me very nervous. Is this normal? Hoping someone can help.

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you mean you feed him raw patties or kibble or what is natural instinct?

how long has he been eating the raw lamb bones?
If he's just started raw bones than it's possible that his stomach is not prepared to digest such large amounts of bone. (bone should only be 10% of a dog's diet, and that's very small amount of for small dog, less than an oz sometimes).

Try feeding smaller amounts of bone and work your way up? Also, make sure he's chewing up the bones really good before swallowing them. He should chew them up. Not just one crunch and swallow. that could cause him to throw up a piece of bone which was too big to digest.

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Duke also has trouble with large animal neck bone. Something about it--just doesn't digest well in his gut. He would also throw some of it up in yellow, frothy piles of vomit.

Maybe try a softer bone and see if it works any better with his gut? Pork ribs and turkey/duck necks seem to work a lot better for Duke. A chicken thigh might work well for your size. You could also try a pork hock--the tough skin really cleans teeth!

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