How long do you need to freeze Salmon?

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Presley- Dillon

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Barked: Thu Nov 8, '12 8:45am PST 
I froze some fresh Salmon for Presley 9 days ago & I didn't know if that was a sufficient amount of time to kill any potential parasites... Any thoughts?
Crash- Dynamite

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Barked: Thu Nov 8, '12 10:20am PST 
Where did you get the salmon? Wild Alaskan Salmon does not carry the parasites (yet) so freezing it not required. I've never attempted to feed my dog anything but Alaskan Salmon. I'm sure you will get some opinions from others that live in the Lower 48.

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Barked: Thu Nov 8, '12 1:42pm PST 
According to the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, Pacific NW fish that can carry the parasite should be frozen solid and then deep frozen for a minimum of 2 weeks.

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Barked: Sat Nov 10, '12 11:46pm PST 
I live in Washington and have seen two dogs die and a handful more suffer through due to the poisoning...scary and very sad (I grew up and currently live in a very large fishing area). I always cook my salmon, as the free "stuff" I get is normally the local things that is left over from fishermen friends. I personally will not take the chance with my dogs, but I know some people will freeze for a month before feeding raw and others follow the other advice of a few days - most follow the 2 weeks given by OVMA (yet I still know of one dog that got the poisoning from fish that was frozen for 2 weeks). Luckily salmon bones are pretty pliable and the dogs don't have issues with them even when cooked.

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Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 11:47pm PST 
I live in BC, and am also not willing to chance it, so whatever salmonids I get (salmon, trout, whitefish, grayling) are cooked before Rexy gets any.