Fish oil and Vit E

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Hey guys i have a kelpie mix who is around 17.5 to 18 kilos i was wondering how many capsules of 1000mg fish oil do i give a day to her? and then how many vit e capsules which are 250iu a week to balance with the fish oil? to not deplete vit e etc
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We personally give both our dogs (a 20 pound shiba and a 90 pound hybrid) a single capsule of 1000mg fish oil every day with and a 400UI capsule of vitamin E every other day. It seems to work very well for them. We have been doing that for almost a year and they both have wonderful coats, but I am no expert by any means. Hope I helped some though.

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This blog here has a post on vitamin E and talks about what to look for and what to not get how to tel natural vs synthetic.

I don't give fish oil since I feed good bit of raw fish plus caned fish plus a bit of grass fed meat used to when she was kibble fed and new to raw.