Raw food nutritionist or vet I can call?

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Does anyone here have a vet's number or the number of someone who my mom can call so they can explain that dogs can be fed and can eat raw meat, bones, etc.

It would also be good if they have a website as well so she can see proof.

Chewy has already eaten 4 pork shoulder ribs and two lamb shanks, and she still goes on everytime about how i'm going to make my dog sick, or possibly kill him. I tried explaining and showing her a video of him eating the pork shoulder, she doesn't seem to want to believe anything.

She told me to find her a phone number of someone she can talk to and then she'll believe me since I already explained to her most vets aren't educated in canine nutrition. I'm not sure if she believes that either. shrug

Thank you

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You might be hard-pressed to find a random vet who is going to give a blind recommendation of raw to total strangers for a dog said vet has never seen. I would think they might be concerned about liability.

Maybe have your mom check out some of Dr. Karen Becker's blog posts and videos? She is a reputable holistic vet who very much endorses a raw, natural diet for dogs and cats. It's not the same as a personal conversation, but Dr. Becker does give loads of good advice.

Here's her website: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/dr-karen-becker.asp x

Caveat: She also sells Mercola products. And she recommends more of a BARF approach rather than whole prey. But her information is usually good and she presents it all in lay terms.

The other option, of course, is to find a local holistic vet who supports raw and take your dog--and mother--in for a talk about diet.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the response I'll look into the links. I was just hoping she might be able to actually talk to someone so they can explain to her the raw is OK, and safe.

I'm not sure if she'll care much to believe in videos or only websites... shrug

I'll see if I can find any holistic vets in my area.

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The founder of Big Dogs Porch (www.bigdogsporch.com) is a nutrition consultant and supports a variety of feeding methods, including raw. You might try her.
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Maybe take her to the barf page, Billinghurst is an Australian vet. Or to a Tony Lonsdale page. It's not PMR but both heartily endorse the eating of bones. Maybe you could buy one of their books for her.

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If it helps any, many people here have been feeding raw for years and so far none of us have dropped dead? laugh out loud
If you're following 80/10/10 she can see the proof herself.

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It's actually Tom Lonsdale, and Jackson's idea to reference him is a great one. Perhaps a holiday present of his book Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health would be in order. big grin It's actually available at a lot of local bookstores in the pet section, and on Amazon and such places. I'd recommend telling her to go ahead and skip the preface, which honestly is a mind-numbingly boring account of vet association politics. It really picks up from there and is an eye opener to say the least. I really have no idea how anyone could read this book and still question the merits of the diet choice!

Perhaps this link would also help: http://leerburg.com/holisticvets.htm. It's a list of mostly raw-friendly and raw-supportive vets in the U.S. divided by state. There are other lists, too.

From experience I'll note that there are LOTS of vets who are pro-raw and even prefer that their clients feed raw who don't want to be on lists like this fearing backlash from the professional associations they're part of. I, personally, tried to compile one just for the city of Calgary several years ago, and of about a dozen vets who were raw-supportive at least, only 4 or 5 would agree to be put on a written hand-out for me to refer people to at the natural pet food store where I worked. This is only bound to get worse given the AVMA's recent official stance on raw food. (More on that: AVMA Resolution Regarding Raw Feeding)