how do you feed canned fish? also.. omega dosage

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hello, was wondering, how do you guys feed any canned fish? do you feed it like a meal if you have a small dog. or is it always kind of like a 'topper'? just extra added in?

I bought some canned salmon and it says it has 1.8g of omega 3 per serving.

Is that too much omega 3 to give a 8-9 lb dog in one serving?

does anyone know the recommended dosage of omega 3s for dogs?

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I 'think' the amount is 300mg combined omega 3s per 30 pounds of dog for healthy dogs and go up from there. So that serving size is about 4-5x what my 38 pound dog needs per day. Look on dogaware for that info. More is fine, not sure how much is too much.

I suspect feeding a fish meal a week may be a bit much and adding a bit every couple days much like organ is fed would be a bit easier on the gut. At least start out feeding a little a day, if it is fine for the dog's gut maybe it would work out to be fine nutritionwise to feed weekly.

Unless you found salt free the extreme amount of sodium could provide to be a problem.

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We do fish oil and a bit of fish daily (no more than 1.5 oz. per day) so Chance gets the therapeutic dose of O-3 for her weight.

When we aren't feeding fresh salmon we feed no-sodium added, packed in spring water sardines.


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For my 40-60 pound dogs I always fed a can or two as a small meal, usually after "big meal" days. Also indispensable for oops, all the dog food in the house is frozen together in 30 pound case-lots at the bottom of the freezer and I don't feel like going to the store days.

Canned salmon (wild) and sardines great canned fish to feed, only use stuff packed in water, no salt added if you can help it. Mackerel and herring would also be good, and are apparently available packed in water, but I've never seen them offered that way here.

When it comes to the Omega EFAs (3 and 6), it's not only about amount, but about the ratio of one to the other. There's a pretty wide discrepancy on the actual ideal ratio for a dog with recommended amounts ranging from the O-3:O-6 being anywhere from 10:1 to 3:1. This variance comes from what 'they' can get away with when it comes to a shelf-stable commercially prepared dog food, I think, not so much what the actual requirement is. I think reigning it in to a range of 5:1 to 3:1 is probably a good goal.

One thing to take into consideration when determining fish and/or fish oil supplementation for the specific purpose of O3 EFAs is the source of the rest of the diet. Pasture-fed animals have EFA ratios that are pretty much in-line with our dog's needs and if 100% of your diet comes from animals allowed to naturally graze and feed you probably don't need to worry about supplemental O3 at all!

On the other hand, when a cow or chicken or any other animal, is fed a non-species-appropriate diet high in grains and soy (as most of the meat you'll find at the grocery store is), the O:3 to O:6 ratio of their meat accordingly skyrockets to more like 1:20, so you obviously need to do some compensating. Diets that fall somewhere in the middle (say you feed grain-fed beef, but use a lot of truly free-range eggs from a source you know doesn't augment a natural diet, or feed game meat here and there) would obviously have less of a reliance on O3 supplementation.

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Audrey gets a can of salmon once or twice a month, she's 38 pounds.

We also keep them on hand for those days we forget to take food out of the freezer for her. I rinse the heck out of it before I give it to her.

She also gets a can of sardines in olive oil as a treat maybe once a month or so. I look at it like our pizza days. big grin Not healthy for frequent meals but OK occasionally. She goes CRAZY over her sardines! She can't have any kind of dog treats, and she's not food motivated anyways, so for her it's a real special treat.

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do you guys know if a puppy can get calcium with sardines? or salmon? i don't know if canned salmon has bone in it. and would it even be wise to feed a young puppy sardines? i know to start with chicken. she is only 7 weeks old. she LOVES her raw chicken

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Canned fish with bone has a lot of calcium compared to fish with no bone but it isn't excessive. We want to feed a ratio of about 1.2:1 and canned salmon with bone is about 0.5:1 calcium to phosphorus.

Might be a food to use for weaning away from daily bone like my small raw fish and chicken feet were for Max? Perhaps offering it on days when bony chicken breast with 20% bone instead of when 30% bone leg quarters?

Bah, feed it and just adjust the following meal so poop isn't too firm!