chicken feet

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Barked: Mon Oct 22, '12 10:33am PST 

raw fed dogs for 4 years, diverse diet, regular recreational bones-( ie. short ribs, knee caps, shoulers) rmb-chicken necks and feet.....

chicken feet were included in evening meal last night, no poop this morning from my younger guy and my husband just sent a message that he had been vomiting frown

is this a classic case of panic? is my worry unfounded-aren't our dogs fully capable of digesting the raw bones of a chicken's foot? my being at work probably has more to do with the worry than the actual issue, right?
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Dogs don't always poop at the same time, or even daily for that matter.

And throwing up happens sometimes. It is no big deal. They will also throw up if they have an empty stomach.

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I can't tell how big your guys are, but maybe it was just a bit too much bone? I have heard that chicken feet are something like 50-60% or more bone. (I don't feed them because Duke is allergic to chicken.)

But feet are perfectly safe and a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin, to boot. Might want to be careful feeding them to large-breed gulpers, though.

Too much bone at once could cause both constipation and puking. Duke can't handle lots of bone at once; he always hurls up the extra. So he doesn't get big boney meals anymore. He gets smaller, daily bone meals.

At any rate, I wouldn't worry too much as long as the puking isn't persistent. Maybe get them out to do some hard exercise? This gets things moving for Duke, anyway.


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Saya has had chicken feet for two years no issue Bella enjoys chicken and turkey feet as a nice treat too no issue..

They're a lot of bone I always give with some boneless or organ.

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my 8 lb dog has had chicken feet.
they are a lot of bone.
she never had problems with them.
but if your dog is getting too much bone in his diet, that will cause constipation.
if your dog is too big for chicken feet, then he probably gulped some pieces that were not chewed adequately and it's taking longer to digest and come out the other end, or he's trying to throw them up because the pieces were too big to digest.

let us know how it goes

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I wonder if Cookie is on to something with the gulping idea. Chicken feet are so small and light weight a dog might try to get away with not quite enough chomps. Max chomps them very carefully because I leave the claws on. I know a lot of people use these for treats but one is about 50-75% of 38 pound Max's daily calcium requirement so he gets 1-2 each meal, never as a treat.