Raw Meaty Bones for a Kibbler

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Isabelle the- Great

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Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 11:49am PST 
I was at a meat shop (I hesistate to use butcher shop because they do not do the actually butchering) and I saw ox tail, turkey tail, turkey necks, and ribs. Isabelle the Great eats Taste of the Wild and chews raw hides but her teeth could use some improvement. How do I do raw bones with a kibble fed dog? What bones should I be looking for?

Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 11:59am PST 
I often replace a kibble meal with a raw meaty bone since those tend to be large treats. I normally give raw meaty bones a couple times a week. I avoid large weight bearing bones since those are very hard and can cause broken teeth.

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Yes, you can simply offer a meaty bone a couple times a week instead of a meal. If it is important to keep the dog's food intake to a level amount you could estimate how much he/she would get if completely raw fed and figure how many meals that bony bit is worth. We start dogs at 2% of their ideal adult weight, a 50 pound dog starts at about 16 ounces a day. The larger the bony bit the better as small ones are more likely to get swallowed before they ought. A piece about the size of the dog's skull or larger is usually a fairly safe size to start with. As it gets chewed down the dog is likely to relax and not gulp it down prematurely - we hope.

My very favorite meaty bone is BBQ beef ribs. My dog eats the soft stuff off the bone and I throw away nearly all of it. Some dogs can eat the whole thing and if so I probably wouldn't offer it. A big dog might get 2 or 3 ribs left together, a small one 1.

Turkey necks are great for 38 pound senior citizen Max but most medium to large dogs wouldn't take long enough to eat them for them to be a very good chew. Chicken is useless as a chew for any but very tiny hesitant eaters as they just don't last long enough to do much tooth scraping.

Pork feet are a good possibility. The skin on those things is amazingly tough to chew. If you got uncut pork neck from the counter that is great. A big hard to eat fun bit.

Pork shoulder is good, you could cut most of the meat from the bone and use the meat for your dinner. I do that with leg of lamb, Max gets the bone that is completely covered with meat and we get the rest. You could do the same with bone in beef rib roast too. That is what the dogs got a couple of holiday dinners ago and we got prime rib!


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We love chicken with the bone in, legs, backs, when our people purchase chicken breast, they fillet off the meat and give us the bone with meat on it.

As stated large weight bearing bones will break teeth. Cooked bones are dangerous, we normally get a bone in meat treat a few times a month when it is on sale.

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Toby or new dog doesnt get raw like mt other two but he gets raw meaty bones twice a week. Instead of a kibble meal he gets the bone instead. Pretty simple his fav is pig foot! big grin