Chicken backs

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Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 8:01am PST 
I have the opportunity to get chicken backs cheaply. Now of course I don't figure that's a lot of meat, but it is some, and some bone. And I know I have to add a proportion of liver and other organ. But I haven't done raw before and wondered if this would be a way to ease into it, supplementing the chicken backs with some meatier chicken or ground chicken.

Thanks in advance.

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Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 1:13pm PST 
Max adores chicken backs. They are way too bony to feed with a little ground meat and organ though. Even a whole chicken has 30% bone so you would ideally feed 1 pound of chicken with 2 pounds of boneless meat plus the organs. If chicken backs were going to be a permanent part of the diet you would likely end up feeding 1 pound of back to 4 or 5 pounds of boneless meat and organs.

For starting out some dogs do need super bony stuff like the back but most dogs would get too constipated. Starting with chicken quarters is usually better.

A mostly chicken diet might be better than poor quality kibbles but it is lacking in a number of key nutrients. Better is feeding half chicken parts and half red meat like beef, pork and lamb and even better is feeding mostly beef, pork and lamb.

A mostly chicken back diet cannot be recommended at all.
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Barked: Tue Oct 2, '12 6:47am PST 
Thanks Maxwell. I realized that all chicken backs would make for too bony a diet just wasn't sure how bony. And of course I realize that one just STARTS a raw diet with chicken, although I have one dog with a liver shunt who cannot have red meat.