Full Raw Or Half And Half?

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your dog's diet, please contact your vet!


Crazy Ball'O Fur
Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 11:48am PST 
Hello again,

So I was talking to a friend today who I found out feeds her dogs raw. I asked if she fed a sorta franken prey diet or whole prey. She said that she actually feeds half kibble and half raw because "Raw is great, however it's missing some vital things" So I'm wondering, is it better to feed a half and half raw and good quality kibble? (I wouldn't tent to think so)

I would really LOVE some links to studies that show that either way.

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 2:31pm PST 
I've heard the, "You have to feed at least some kibble if you're going to feed raw or your dog will get sick" line as well. If you're feeding a balanced raw diet that includes sufficient bones and organs in addition to meat, then no, I don't think there's any need for kibble. If you're unable to fulfill the 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, 5% other organ ratios, then it may be necessary to feed some kibble.

There isn't really much in the way of studies to support or condemn raw feeding, it's mostly anecdotal evidence.

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 2:39pm PST 
I haven't seen any scientific studies about how raw is good for dogs, only the ones showing raw fed dogs shed bacteria - like kibble fed dogs and us and all other creatures! Sheesh.

There is Pottinger's cats and a study done at a crematorium in Europe on how fresh food fed dogs live longer but that is all I know about and they don't particularly apply. This short statement by a couple of Canadian vets has a few related articles you could look at. I don't know how to but you might!

We can use the spreadsheet here on Dogster to determine our pet's needs and put the foods we feed into nutritiondata. I put kibbles into ND as well and find that my very slightly supplemented raw is much closer to the spreadsheet numbers than kibble.


Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 4:11pm PST 
I do the same thing as Max. Put the full nutrient profiles of (available) commercial foods into Nutritiondata.com and compare them to what I feed my Shiba. My diet is more "balanced" than ANY of the commercial foods I have put in so far, and I've got over 25 of them in there.
So, as far as the "not balanced" argument goes... Yeah, whatever.

the chi-weenie
Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 5:10pm PST 
kibble is completely unnecessary

I will never give my dog kibble meals again
Savannah Blue Belle

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Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 8:15am PST 
In an emergency about a year ago, I tried to feed my dogs kibble. It was a good brand, maybe Evo.

They wouldn't eat it.

Not even Savvy the Starving Labrador.

Crazy Ball'O Fur
Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 12:35pm PST 
Haha I've had that same issue. When Bella was on dog food, I also used it as training treats. When we switched her over to raw I made sure to leave some of her dog food so that I could still use it as training treats, however when we started a training session, she took the food she used to love in her mouth and then spit it on the floor! big laugh I tried another piece, and she just looked at it, then looked at me as if to say "Mommy...Really? You want me to eat this little dry brown triangle? No thanks, but I'll take some raw please!"