Feeding Raw - Without the Mess?

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your dog's diet, please contact your vet!

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Canadian- Champion, CGN
Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 3:08pm PST 
Hey all. My dog is a Shetland Sheepdog who eats raw. Since I live with others in the house (who don't feed their dogs raw) I always end up feeding him in my room. I've been trying to get him to eat his food off of a surface that is easy to clean... but he seems to always want to eat his food in his crate where there's a fluffy mat. I would like for him to eat it off a tray or something I can easily rinse clean. I'm wondering what other people do to feed their dogs so I can get some ideas.

Another thing is... He's a Sheltie, and has a great big bushy collar of hair around his neck. He usually ends up chewing the hair on his neck when he's chomping on his meat and bones. What do others do to keep their dog clean while eating raw? I'm thinking about finding some easy to clean material that can be wiped off and making him a bib!

I mostly want to get some ideas here, maybe someone has a really cool idea that I wouldn't be able to think of.


Lab/Rottie/Chow/- Shepherd Mix!
Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 5:45pm PST 
I feed Olive on an old towel. Since she was a puppy we've told her "keep it on your mat". When the towel gets dirty, we throw it in the wash.

No mess at all.

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 5:52pm PST 
You could simply take the mat out of the crate, feed him, wipe out the crate and replace the mat.

I had great success making anti itch shirts from old Tshirts for Sassy. You could make bibs from a small sized one, put it on, take tucks and sew or tie knots/fasten with rubber bands where needed to snug it up.

I am lucky. I have a backyard that doesn't need to be cleaned up and Max prefers not to touch his food so his luxurious leg feathers and modest ruff rarely get dirty.


I'm king of the- world!
Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 6:28pm PST 
Feed frozen. Duke eats almost everything frozen on an old towel. I cut everything into chunks, freeze it on a cookie sheet, then throw the chunks in a freezer bag. Super easy and NO mess. Mind you, these are not huge hunks of rock-hard meat. Chunks are 8 oz at most and by the time he is finishing, the meat is already softening. But not bloody, so no mess. Frozen is especially handy for organ.

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 8:38pm PST 
frozen, take the matt out of the crate + a snood.

Barked: Sun Sep 23, '12 5:10am PST 
I somehow, with amazing magic skills that only I possess, trained my Shiba to eat over his bowl. Not really, but he does eat over his bowl with relatively little mess. It was his idea, actually. There is a mat under the bowl though, just in case. And a few times he has dragged bloody meat across the wall... He also knows to keep it over a crate pan if I put one down.

The other two eat out back. They will carry chunks of raw stuff where they please and munch it there, so they eat in the back with the dog door closed. They are not full-time raw though, so I allow them to do whatever they want within reason.

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Barked: Sun Sep 23, '12 4:38pm PST 
Feed frozen, and take the mat out of the crate so you can wipe it down after. A snood may also help to keep the ruff clean, and can just be washed after
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sun Sep 23, '12 8:32pm PST 
Mine eats out of his bowl if it's all cut up or mince. Big things he likes to carry away. Sometimes I hold big things like chicken legs and he eats it out of my hand. No mess that way at all.
Ember FDX

Go Go Devil- Bunnies!
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '12 2:02pm PST 
Take the mat out of the crate at dinnertime. I'd try a snood first, but if it's truly his chest/belly fur getting in the way you may need to find a couple of tight shirts you can rotate through.

Canadian- Champion, CGN
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '12 5:52pm PST 
Thanks for all the replies, some great ideas here. I guess we are still getting used to eating raw, as I only started a few months ago and Turner is 7 so he wasn't eating this way since he was young and doesn't quite understand how messy he is being. I have been feeding him frozen food, but he really takes his time with it and chews it a lot, so it ends up melting in his mouth and still getting nasty stuff everywhere.

If you feed in chunks, do you not have bone in it? Or if there is, how do you cut up the bone?

Thanks guys!
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