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I'm compiling a list of raw food recipes and would love to add some recipes for animals. Does anybody have any raw food recipes they can share that are suited to dogs? Presumably they need to be high protein?

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The only 'recipe' we mostly use here is called prey model raw.

Feed 2-3% of the dogs weight. With the total diet adding up to 80% meat & tissues, 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% other organ.

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I second that, prey model here too. I feed a lot of red meat, and aim for a variety of different offals. Hope this helps


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Saya recipe isn't same each week I try to vary it and sometimes I get good deal so I add that to it..

Saya gets 2.24oz liver I rotate between chicken, beef, lamb, ewe, pork, and rarely deer don't get deer liver often..

she also gets 2.24oz of other secreting organ I rotate between each week. I have beef thymus, beef kidney, lamb kidney, and lamb testee.. eek

I usually give liver one day like tuesday, then other organ like say thursday I don't feed it every week like that I change which days she gets it each week sometimes she gets liver and other secreting organ as a meal.

Twice a week she gets bone in meal either lamb rib, beef ox tail or bone in chicken. Beef ox tail she only gets little bit of bone off it not all the bone some of it is too hard for the whole bone..

If I have chicken feet she sometimes just has one bone in meal a week along with two chicken feet..

I plan on getting chicken feet and chicken heads soon chicken heads make nice snack and has brains and eyes, bone plus cartilage and stuff.

For boneless she gets ground ewe, emu, boneless pork, and beef stew meat. I've given her pork shoulder roasts which does have bone, but when it's still meaty it's boneless meal once she gets close to the bone it becomes a bone in meal since she can grind the jointed part of the bone.

She gets Pacific saury, mackerel, and smelt each are bone in and the saury has organs and head the mackere has head, but no guts.

She gets caned salmon, mackerel, and sardines for yummy snack or part of meal.

I sometimes get lucky and get Bone in or boneless Canadian goose, pheasant, duck and recently bone in dove breast.

Dove breast make yummy small meals day after eating big meal.. Give her a dove breast and bit of smelt or ground meat and she is happy.

She also gets beef, pork, lamb tongue, beef, pork, lamb, chicken heart and once in while beef cheek meat also chicken gizzards and turkey gizzards during Thanksgiving.

I try rotate between the proteins and stuff.

She has been three years on raw so she is used to the variety and does good on it.

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Max's recipe is -
Chicken, goat, lamb and turkey bony stuff
Pork, beef, green tripe, egg and ostrich meaty stuff
Organ mix, beef, chicken and pork liver and beef and pork kidney organ stuff.

Mostly meat, a little bony stuff and a little organ. Except for the green tripe and organ mix it is all in lumps, chunks and strips rather than ground.

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Chance gets prey model raw. 80% muscle meat, connective tissue, fat, heart, etc. 10% edible bone. 5% liver. 5% other organs.

Primary proteins are pork, beef and lamb along with rabbit, chicken, turkey and salmon. Waiting for the co-op order to come in then she'll also be getting elk and venison.
Liver is lamb and chicken, sometimes turkey, has 1 rabbit liver in the freezer.
Kidney is lamb and beef, she has 2 rabbit kidneys in the freezer.
We are almost done with introducing pork spleen.
After she's had spleen for awhile I'll introduce pork brains.

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I do not have any one set recipe, and any that I do have are custom to my dog(s). They each have different needs so I do not use the same thing with all of them all the time.

Anywho, a typical meal looks something like this, for a 25 pound active Shiba Inu:
Chicken leg, about 4-5 ounces
Chunk of pork or beef meat, about 3-4 ounces
Piece of liver (beef or lamb), .2-.4 ounce
Bit of heart, either 1 chicken or turkey heart or 1 ounce of beef heart
Oyster (for zinc), .3 ounce
Raw egg, small to medium
Supplements (the Shiba needs some)

For my two 50 pound mutts, moderate to mild activity, not full-time raw:
Turkey neck, 5-7 inches long (sorry, don't know the weight)
Chunk of various meat(s), 4-6 ounces
Piece of various liver, .5-1 ounce
Part of heart (usually beef), 1-3 ounces
Raw egg, medium to large

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