6 month old English Bulldog on raw.

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Hello everyone! So my 6 month old bully has been on raw for about a month now. She loves it and has been doing great! So I have a few questions and please don't kill me as I have searched the threads and I did find a few answers but looking for a couple more. Currently my girl weighs 38lbs and I feed her 2lb per day. I started her on 1lb per day andg radually increased her food, any less than 2lb and she is constantly searching for more food. Is this the proper amou t I should be feeding. She occasionally gets a bout of loose stools and I am wondering if it due to over feeding? I also give her a powdered pro biotic daily, salmon oil, and coconut oil. I alternate the salmon and coconut oil. My next question is in regards to home prepared raw meals. I currently feed natures variety and it cost about $70 per week. This is pretty expensive especially since I am looking to get another bully baby! Can anyone help me with raw diets? Proper amounts to be completely balanced? Also I think she has a slight allergy to chicken because she has constant tear drainage when I switch her to chicken. Also her stool smells like nothing i have ever experienced before. Is this normal? So any suggestions besides chicken would be great. Thank you very much for any that comment on this post.

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That does sound like a lot of food. We feed for the adult dog, 2-3% of that and isn't she supposed to be about 50 pounds as an adult? 2% of 50 pounds would be 1 pound and 3% would be 1.5 pounds. Smart dogs very often try to get as much of this fabulous food while the getting is good. Since her poop is smelly and is sometimes loose try cutting back by half a pound for a couple days to see if you see any improvement.

Ground raw is really easy to eat. Max stole a ground dinner one time, it was gone in about 2 seconds! Since then I feed stuff like that pressed down around the edge of a rimmed pan so he has to take actual bites rather than hoovering it down. Might help. Or as she is a busy pup you could try stuffing kongs and feeding her that way.

I couldn't feed Max raw if premade was the only possibility. It costs $20-30 a month to feed him his 20 pounds a month right now. I can feed chicken as his basic bony stuff though, pork or rabbit or turkey or lamb is more expensive. Anywho, check out Charlie's Newbie thread and that should help a great deal.

The diet is mostly meat and every so often the dog gets a bone and a bit of liver and other organ and that is about it! If you have access to a freezer and buy 2 times the amount of boneless pork, lamb, beef as you do bony rabbit, turkey, pork and lamb and stock a couple different kinds of liver and a couple kinds of other organs [kidney is easiest to find] then you are going to be feeding a balanced diet. Really. Max thinks of organs as dessert but some dogs think of them as vitamin pills but just figure 5% liver and 5% other organ a week and divvy it out however your dog does best. Max gets a couple ounces every other day, some dogs get it weekly and some daily. All are just fine.

One crucial point is meal size. Bullies have large mouths for their body size so a properly sized meal is likely to be sort of small for the mouth. Really big stuff is safer to offer than small stuff as they dog has to do some chomping to get it down where a small bit could be swallowed with little or no chomping. Do not offer her something like a chicken or turkey neck or a single pork rib. 4-6 pork ribs might work, a chunk of pork shoulder that is cut into a W or Z might need to be chomped more to get down. In time you may even decide to feed larger meals one day and smaller the next just so she is eating larger safer meals. There is no good reason to feed exactly the same size meal every day!

Getting ahead though. Right now you need to be thinking of what protein you think she can deal with if chicken is a no go. Turkey? Lamb? Rabbit? Even though she has eaten raw for a month it is still best to start out with a single protein and work from there. Actually I would still try chicken. Get the best sort you can find and take off the skin for the first couple days and see how it goes. If it doesn't go well then drop the chicken and go to plan #2.