Flaxseed Oil?

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Herdabout The- Mighty Quinlan!
Barked: Tue Sep 11, '12 10:27am PST 

Soo someone recommended I try flaxseed oil for the boys' itchiness ...I have tried fish oils but MAN that makes their breath smell LOL

So wondering what people have heard about flaxseed oils and the amount to supplement?

My guys are on Nature's Variety if that changes anything...

the chi-weenie
Barked: Tue Sep 11, '12 4:51pm PST 
I'll be interested in an answer as well. I know a lot of pet products boast 'flax seed omegas'
and fish breath may end up being the cause of pet neglect over here. laugh out loud it's so bad.

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Barked: Tue Sep 11, '12 8:59pm PST 
What about feeding grass fed/wild meats? The only reason we feed fish or fish oil in the first place is to balance the omega 3:6 fatty acids and the reason that is necessary is because the cheap meats are grain fed meats with skewed ratios. Feed more beef and lamb and less chicken and pork and those fatty acids are in better balance.

Or what if you feed actual fish? Not sure I did the math right but I think feeding a single entire meal a week of fish gives about the right amount of omega 3. Or get brain to feed as the other organ, great source of omega 3 but probably not real fun for us to feed the dog.

How much fat do the dogs get? Fat is good subject to gut tolerance. Max had nasty fly away spider wed fur on kibble+fish oil but on high fat raw his fur has calmed down and is soft, silky and shiny. He has been doing mind control on me so I don't give him fish oil caps these days and I haven't noticed much difference.

Max was licking his legs to the point he was making knots that looked like warts and had massive ear goo when he was getting sardines both of which disappeared once I stopped giving the fish. I was trying ground sunflower seeds for manganese/magnesium/vitamin E but he started shaking his head and licking his legs so I am going to stop that as well. You might try feeding only meat/bone/organ with no plant foods at all to see if things change.

And of course foods aren't the only reason dogs are itchy. They may have environmental allergies. My JRT responded brilliantly to Bendryl for his grass allergy. I resorted to TemerilP when flea drops didn't stop fleas from driving Sassy mad with itchiness once she was a geriatric dog. I think they looked at her and she started itching!

Go ahead and try the flax. You will need to give more of that than fish oil as dogs don't convert it as well as they do animal based omega 3s but of course start slow and increase a little at a time.